4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of Dust

4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of Dust

Dust is the eternal problem of housewives. In this article, we will tell you 4 effective ways how to quickly get rid of dust.

Dust is what is it, and where is it from?

Did you notice how the product looks in the dust collector of the vacuum cleaner? That’s right, it’s a gray fluffy mass, plus solid particles in the form of grains of sand. And they appear in the apartment that’s where:

  • Through the windows from the roads dust flows fall to any floor;
  • from the beds shake out the decomposed remains of old tissues and dust mites (in bed there are 2 million mites, live for about 2 months, feed on human skin epithelium, allocate their vital activity products);
  • old worn clothing also adds particles to the total dust flow;
  • exfoliate and fall off dead skin particles of people;
  • particles of soil brought into the house from the street, settle on the floor;
  • dropped hair – another source;
  • the wool of pets is a real trouble.

4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of DustWhere is she going?

Mostly the dust that has got into the house settles. Maybe some time to fly, but after 20 minutes still settle. When it flies, its largest number is at a level of 1.5 meters. The settled dust rests mainly on:

all solid horizontal planes in the apartment (floor, furniture, window sills, electrical engineering, kitchen cabinets, webbed on chairs, etc.);

  • the upholstery of upholstered furniture, bed;
  • carpets;
  • books;
  • Curtains, etc.

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4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of DustWhy get rid of it

Firstly, it is very ugly when the furniture is covered with dust. Secondly, we breathe, capturing with the air its smallest particles and this is harmful, because:

  • in the dust may be particles of mold, very dangerous to health;
  • children swallow faster because of their small height;
  • Dust mites can sometimes cause allergies.

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Get rid of dust quickly

The landlady will get rid of dust much faster if she maintains cleanliness in the home in such a way:

  • surrendered – immediately cleaned;
  • wet cleaning – 2 times a week;
  • bedding and home clothes – not well-worn “up holes” (we get new ones), we dry in the sun;
  • we change feather pillows to synthetic ones;
  • small things – in cabinets, superfluous – to throw out (each mistress gets rid of them individually);
  • books – for the glass;
  • the top of cabinets, kitchen cabinets, a refrigerator – lining paper with a further replacement for a new one (get rid of incredible efforts to clean them);
  • we get a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter (ordinary dust), an air humidifier and a hygrometer (moist air does not allow dust to take off, it is very useful when there are children);
  • We process soft furniture, textiles, and carpets with a special spray, case furniture – polish, which remove static electricity, so strongly attracting dust.

4 Ways To Quickly Get Rid Of Dust4 ways to quickly get rid of dust

Even if everything is done, periodically you have to fight the dust. And often there is a need for its rapid removal. Here are four quick ways:

  1. Use a panicle-sultan. Electrify it in a fist, hold it in dusty places (the dust will attract), then through the open window, shake out the dust, simultaneously again electrifying it. So consistently go through all the potentially dusty places. You can moisten the villi, it will be already wet cleaning. Conveniently, it is possible to get a sweater and a chandelier, and the top of the curtains, and the lambrequin on the window.
  2. Prepare a “lemon cloth” and rub it all surfaces. The emulsion of oil, acid, and water contributes to the adsorption of dust particles, creates an easy repelling effect for dust, which extends the clean surface almost twice. The technology of its production:
  •               1 lemon wedges plus 120 g of vegetable oil (7 tablespoons) – insist 7 days;
  •               Top up 1 cup of boiling water, shake, strain;
  •               soak a couple of soft rags in solution, wring out, dry;
  1. Wash floors by adding a little conditioner to the laundry. The anti-static effect from it ensures longer floor cleanliness.
  2. Use the ground almond oil, which has a wonderful smell and perfectly removes dirt, keeping the ideal floor cleanliness much longer.

Cleaning apartment perfectly performs under your favorite music. The mood will rise, fatigue – as never before, satisfaction with work – at the height!

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