Websites or social media to grow your business?

When the World Wide Web first launched, any business who wanted to increase consumer traffic leapt on the proverbial bandwagon to create an engaging online shop front. In the early days, an animated gif or two, plus some half-decent copy, were all that was required to leverage the power of eCommerce to drive growth.

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A few years forward, and social media began to take the world by storm. BeBo, FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn became buzzwords synonymous with sales success, brand recognition and marketing strategies. The humble business website took second place in marketing, with social media eclipsing all other vehicles in terms of popularity, ability to go ‘viral’, and low-cost, high-traffic advertising.

But, is social media really the absolute halcyon communication tool, or do organisations actually need to revisit the power and potential of a great website, to attain eCommerce success? According to online marketing gurus, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Going back to basics

Nowadays, you can hire a decent SEO firm to achieve near-miraculous effectiveness across social media. Apps can go viral, generating tremendous loyalty and viral support from social media users. Podcasting, vlogging and a strong LinkedIn network reaps dividends in terms of harnessing organic communication to strengthen brand awareness and drive sales. In this vibrant and fast-paced digital environment, firms using web design in Belfast would be crazy to not get ‘in on the action’ and drive their marketing strategy towards digital solutions.

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In praise of websites

However, despite the huge acceptance and adoption of technology, some things have not evolved. In the days before the internet, consumers went to a shop with a great window display to make a purchase. The internet reflected this need to engage while purchasing, by replicating store fronts online

No matter how progressive our consumers may be, it seems that the humble firm website has now taken the place previously inhabited by the physical store front window display. While being an early adopter of new technologies is a superb business strategy, let’s not forget that ultimately, customers still want to visit, browse, and purchase from a decent website. For every customer praising progressive social media presence, there will be three wanting to go to an engaging website. Don’t let yours be the one which drives shoppers to competitors.

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