What are the Benefits of CBG Oil?

CBG is a cannabinoid which means it is one of many chemicals found in cannabis plants. The most well-known cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBG is considered to be the precursor to the other cannabinoids since it breaks down to form CBD, THC, and CBC once heated. There are various benefits to using CBG oil that you can achieve, even though research on it is extremely limited. However, there are studies that do point to several health benefits.

What health benefits can CBG oil improve?

CBG oil may help improve a variety of health conditions including:

  • Glaucoma- CBG may be effective in treating glaucoma since it reduces intraocular pressure.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease- CBG oil may also reduce inflammation related to IBG.
  • Huntington’s disease- CBG may contain neuroprotective properties with promises to treat a variety of neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Bladder dysfunctions- Many cannabinoids have an effect on the contractions of the balder, but CBG shows the most promising at treating dysfunctions associated with the bladder.
  • Bladder infections- CBG has the potential to destroy bacteria such as MRSA, which can result in a drug-resistant staph infection. These infections can be dangerous and difficult to treat.
  • Cancer- CBG can help to reduce the growth of certain tumors and cancer cells.
  • Appetite loss- CBG oil can stimulate a person’s appetite and can also be used to help people that suffer from cancer and HIV.

The Bottom Line

CBG oil has become extremely popular, even though there is limited research for it. Much is known about the side effects even though the benefits are promising. If you are interested in trying CBG oil, you should consult with your healthcare provider first, especially if you take any medications or are suffering from an underlying health condition.

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