What Makes a Professional Footballer?

So you think you have the talent to make it as a professional footballer? But do you know how much sacrifice, dedication and sheer hard work goes into making it in the Premiership?

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Be Confident

Football is as much a mental game as a physical one, so you need positive thinking and inner confidence to be a success. Visualisation techniques are practised by all the top players and help train your brain to cope with anything in a match situation.

Supercharge Your Fitness

Getting your head in the right place is one thing, match fitness is another. You’ll really need to step up your regime, and focus on agility, coordination, core and leg strength and the ability to speed up, slow down and turn within seconds.

Fuel Up, Recover Right

The modern game isn’t just about the right diet and nutrition. It’s about what you eat and when, as an important tool for energy and recovery. Say goodbye to a recovery pint down the pub and say hello to ice baths, sleep training and warm down routines.

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Be Aware

Tactical awareness becomes increasingly important the more you progress in the game. You need to know how to connect with the other players in your team in order to become a better and more well rounded player.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s an old saying but it’s true. You won’t make progress as a player unless you’re prepared to practise over and over again. You may know the basics of the game, but it’s only when you’ve practised to the point that they become second nature that you’ll begin to really reveal your skills.

Look the Part

Whether you see yourself as a Messi or a Ronaldo, with silky skills or a lethal shot, you’re going to want to look the part. Start by looking at football kit suppliers like https://www.kitking.co.uk/ for the perfect gear and the complete kitbag on the pitch, and start taking care of yourself off it. Personal grooming and looking good are all part of building self confidence and presenting the right image.

Play the Game Not the Occasion

So you’ve made it to your first trial. It’s time to put into play everything you’ve learnt about the mental and physical aspects of football. Play the game not the occasion, show initiative and you’ll impress.

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