What types of events to stage?

There are many different ways in which business people can gather to share ideas and network and the format that you choose depends a lot on the meeting theme and personality of the people who will be present. Let’s look at some of the different formats available.

A conference will be made up of several different parts to the day, including panels, lectures, break and round-table meetings to provide a good opportunity to learn and network. They are more serious in nature, but it does not mean they cannot be entertaining and with motivational speakers and a chance to mix for a while, they can be very effective. Find out more about an Inspirational Speaker UK at a site like https://www.adventureman.org/conference-speaker-uk/inspirational-speaker-uk/

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A Consumer Show or fair will be a major event, possibly at the NEC, for example, full of companies that sell their products or services and there will be major themes such as weddings or caravan. They provide a great opportunity to network with people in the same field as you.

Exhibitions / Trade Shows are similar to the consumer shows, but the event is aimed at professionals in the industry and not the general public. The focus is on business to business sales and ideal for networking.

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A presentation is the more traditional part of events and features demonstrations, lectures or speeches with the aim to inform, persuade or build relationships. They usually occur at a large conference event but can occur at any size event.

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