When you are craving the tastes of a beautiful lasagne

Lasagne is a great dish to have all year round, whether you are looking for something to have alongside a nice salad during the Summer or perhaps with some nice fresh warm bread during the Winter it is a dish that will have everyone wiping their plates clean. Making the dish at home is not the same as eating in an Italian Restaurant Dublin like www.forno500.ie but it can be enjoyable just the same.

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There are a few tips to making the perfect Lasagne:

  • The ingredients you use are key. Just like any dish if you use cheap alternatives you will find that you dish does not have the same flavours as if you pick the right options for all elements of your dish. Using a 100% beef mix is the standard method for cooking a lasagne but to add further flavour to your dish having a combination of beef and pork certainly adds an extra element. This is popular in restaurants where you will find that Lasagnes and Spaghetti Bolognese often have a mixture of the two meats. When it comes to the top layer of the dish many of us will reach for whatever cheese we have in the fridge and start grating it over the top. But for the best flavour combinations you should consider using a mixture of Ricotta and Mozzarella instead.
  • Choosing the right pan to place you dish in will help you to achieve a lasagne that is cooked well and evenly all the way through. The perfect size dish is one that is 3 inches deep as this will help to prevent the sauce from bubbling over the sides of the pan. It is also Important to remember when you start layering your dish that you start with a small amount of the tomato and meat mixture at the bottom to prevent the first layer of pasta sheets from sticking. When layering your sheets, you should make sure that you cover them completely with the white sauce as this will help to prevent them from drying out and becoming hard to eat.
  • Bake at the right temperature and cover with foil for the majority of the cooking as this will help to prevent the cheese on top from burning, you can then remove the foil for the final fifteen minutes of baking to give the cheese a chance to brown slightly.

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If you are looking for recipe to make your own Lasagne you will find many different options available online.

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