4 Best Gadgets That Can Help Improve Your Basketball Game

Nothing beats the sense of excitement that comes from competing in a basketball game. The excitement of competition can be great whether you’re playing in front of a packed arena or with just a few pals at the local court. And competing at higher levels allows you to reap more of the rewards of basketball, such as travelling and being part of a competitive team, as well as having the opportunity to inspire others, including younger players, who also indulge in real money online slots Canada.

Whether you play basketball to compete or simply for a fun, heart-pounding workout, having the correct equipment can help you take your game to the next level, here are some great basketball gadgets to help you enhance your game.

Spalding SmartShot

Many poor habits can emerge in young basketball players, like not sprinting back on defence. However, as a player, some of the most difficult habits to break are related to body mechanics. This is where the Spalding Smart Shot armband can help.

The Smart Shot is intended to be worn around the forearm of whichever arm you shoot with (it works for left- and right-handed players). It has multi-axis accelerometers that track your arm swing, as well as visual and audio sensors that alert you when your arm is out of alignment during a shot. The goal of using this device is to train you into perfect shooting form on every shot, and you can try some basketball-themed games at bestusaonlinecasinos to get familiar every bit of the sport.

Nike Adapt Basketball Shoe

When the first iteration of the Nike Adapt smart basketball shoe was unveiled, it was billed as “the future of footwear.” With this shoe, you won’t have to worry about laces coming undone in the middle of a game (because let’s face it, that’s the worst).

These bad boys use Nike FitAdapt Technology to automatically adjust to fit your foot properly, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. When you first put them on, you can lace your shoes with the push of a button or by connecting via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Furthermore, the shoes have a durable, lightweight design and feature responsive cushioning for increased court performance. And don’t worry about them coming apart after a few wears—these shoes are made to last (at least until the next new and improved model is released). While these may not turn you into the next Kyrie Irving, they will certainly make you the envy of all your opponents (and maybe even your friends).

Hoop Tracker Smartwatch

Are you tired of sitting on the bench? The Hoop Tracker Smartwatch is here to save you (or, at the very least, to make you appear to know what you’re doing). This convenient wearable device is intended for basketball players of all skill levels and can track and record a range of data points throughout a game or practice session.

The watch tracks three-pointers, free throws, and field goals in real-time, and the data can be synced with the Hoop Tracker website to receive complete details on all of your shots, including where you were on the court and if you made the basket. You can build ways to improve your overall performance by quantifying your performance.

ShotTracker System

ShotTracker is made up of three parts of technology: a smart basketball, player sensors, and anchors installed in the rafters of wherever you play. It’s the type of approach that competitive teams will want to adopt to increase both individual player performance and overall team performance.

ShotTracker embeds its smart ball technology into balls made by Spalding, Wilson, and Under Armor, so the smart ball looks and feels exactly like any other ball you might use. Every member of a team wears player sensors, which are smaller and lighter than a box of Tic Tacs. Meanwhile, the anchors installed in the rafters can track the ball and players at the same time, every second of every game.

You can see anything from box scores to zone charts in real time by plugging all of the collected data into the ShotTracker software. While the game is being played, coaches can make judgments based on live data, and players can view their individual performances.

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