Camber Comp Specialized Vs Trek Fuel Differences

Comp Specialized Vs Trek Fuel Differences

Specialized and Trek bicycles both are very smart and fastest bicycles. There is we have discussed the details of these two bicycles.


Well, the plus version runs the Mino link flip-chip in the high setting, paired with 140 mil forks, the 29 a uses the low position and gives up 10 millimeters of fork travel.

The real beauty of this system is that you can choose which geometry specialized signature also sack feature is installed on the canvas.

So, you’ll need an Allen key to hand. If you want to lower your saddle for the sending. The fact that the Trek comes with a KSE 30 Integra dropper posts just makes matters worse for the CAMBA. Both bikes run two by 11 drive trains.

So, there’s no shortage of gear choice, but the action of the specialized Ceram and X shifters feels more labored.

should come as no surprise that changing the fight or stats of the CAMBA has changed the balance of the bike.

It still delivers a fast, fun, dynamic ride, but we struggle to get the shock to work in harmony with the fork.

In this article, we have discussed a version of trek vs specialized full details.


Yes, the super support rear suspension offers great small bumps, sensitivity. And loads of grip, but the lack of support from the rear shock means that the bike feels like it’s hinged in the middle of the frame.

Running the Fox float shock in the mid compression setting helps that you lose compliance as a side effect, a better solution would be to add volume reduction as this would give more support.

Well, without having harshness track runs its familiar ABP suspension design, and it’s a layout that has some genuine benefits.

With the seat and chains, they pivot concentric to the rear axle. The braking characteristics are decoupled from pedaling and bump forces.

It also makes for a stiff structure. So, you’re not leaking power through the frame. Flex Trek has also nailed the shock to the Fox flow eval offers just the right amount of support to stop your ripping through the travel.

While the light-damping touch ensures that it’s still smooth off the top. Never sucks the life out of the ride. Kind of, it doesn’t feel as solid as the Trek fuel the X either factor in the less modern geometry, overly long STEM and lack of a dropper and the Canberra is fighting fires on several fronts, right?


Bikes always flatter your riding by making everything seem a little bit easier and so it’s the case here with the Trek fuel the X seven. Whether you’re grinding up a climb, pumping down a flowing section of Primo signal track, or simply hanging off the back, surfing a steep sketchy descent. The fuel edX always keeps its cool.

It’s more poised than the CAMBA and yet it’s every bit as playful stomp on the pedals and power delivery is impressively direct. There’s evil, uh, six strong size range, and our 19.5-inch frame and 60 mils stem felt perfect for a five-foot 11 rider. Which gives plenty of scope for taller and shorter riders to enjoy.


Trek is on fire at the moment and the fuel Lex might just be its hottest model. Not only does it look like smoking it’s right on the money.

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