History of Basketball

Although we can find distant references to basketball in the Greek or Aztec era, the beginning of this modern game has its origins in an American school in the year 1891. The promoter of this was a certain James Naismith, instructor At the YMCA (Young Christian Association) in Springfield. James specified the thirteen basic rules of basketball which are still in force, however, some modifications have been made to adapt them to the new times in which the game, mainly, is based on the speed with which the points are scored and in the spectacular form to write them down.

Basketball History
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Caused by Springfield’s long winters, and with the urge to keep his students entertained and in good physical condition, James considered creating a new game that could be played indoors and in tight spaces. After spending some months studying other existing sports and adopting the most attractive of each, Naismith managed to establish a series of requirements that should have this new sport:

– Affinity for the Ball.

– Easy to learn

– That could be played on any terrain

– Permanent Attack of the Goal

– That there was a balance between attack and defense

– Do not go outside an aggressive sport

Basketball History
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This was how little by little and after several trials, James finally created the sport known as Basketball basket and ball, the image of the game was simple; would play only with his hands and aim to put the ball into a basket, from which comes his name.

The basic principles created by James were:

  1. The ball will be spherical and can be thrown with one or two hands regardless of its direction.
  2. Any player can place himself on the pitch wherever he likes and at any time.
  3. You cannot hold the ball and run with it.
  4. Both teams will play together on the field, but contact between players is prohibited.
  5. The goal must be high, horizontal and small in size so that it has to be used more to the skill than to the power
  6. The teams would consist of nine players

The first official basketball game was played at the YMCA gymnasium on January 20, 1892. In 1894 the free throw was established; in 1897 five players per team are regulated and in 1904 the size of the court was defined.

Female basketball team
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Female basketball began in 1892 at Smith College when Senda Berenson, a physical education teacher, made some changes to James’ rules to fit women. The first official match was played in the United States in 1893.

Basketball spread quickly throughout the United States and Canada and promoted to Olympic category in 1936. The sport worldwide is regulated by the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) and championships are held from time to time.

Basketball remains the same from its inception, where more than strong physical contact prevails, technique and skill of each player. Basketball has become one of the most followed sports worldwide.

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Origin of the NBA

In the 40’s the biggest show was the ice hockey league, so the leaders decided to look for a sport that could entertain fans while it was taking a winter break. Thus was born the Basketball Association of America (BAA) with 11 teams of which only 3 remain the Boston Celtics, the Knicks of New York and the Golden State Warriors. The BAA would merge with another professional league existing at the time the NBL and thus would form the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite the efforts of their leaders the league did not reach the popularity of ice hockey, until in the 80’s, players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan would consolidate the NBA, being considered the best league in the world today.

history of NBA
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Historical Background

About the ancestral origins of basketball there are many theories that cite many sports or activities practiced by our ancestors in various parts. These theories maintain that in remote times, around the world existed a great amount of ball games that well can predict the genesis of this sport, in them prevailed the element playful, closely related with the religious aspects and the moral precepts established in each One of the cultures.

history of basketball
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The games made by each of these ancestral civilizations, in the context of their culture, did not only represent rest, recreation and recreation; Nor was it a simple athletic competition, but rather a ritual inscribed on a magic stage, intended to pay homage to their deities. Thus, the ball game, symbolized one of its main rites, born of imagination and spirituality and provided with a special religiosity. Also worthy of note is the knowledge of sports architecture, applied with geometric perfection and provided with an impressive sculptural art; In addition, the internal regulations of the games clearly indicate the ability of these societies to set standards.

Thus, we can find among the ancestral origins of our sport many theories, which cite different sports practiced by our ancestors for more than 3000 years. Some examples are: the cultures of Mesoamerica, which played ball games; Ancient Rome with its ball games; popular ball games of the middle ages, etc.

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