How to Learn To Swim Yourself: 5 Recommendations for Adults and Children

How to Learn To Swim Yourself: 5 Recommendations for Adults and Children

Learn not just to swim, but very good to swim – the dream of many people of different ages. Adults dream of learning to swim to become healthier, stronger, more enduring and happier to swim at sea, without fear of impressive depth. Children just wondering in the water, although some dream in the future to become real athletes. However, learning to swim well is not so simple, and especially when fear prevails. We offer to talk about how children and their parents learn to swim.How to Learn To Swim Yourself: 5 Recommendations for Adults and Children

How do adults learn to swim?

Adult trainers are given such advice:

  1. The first thing you should definitely do to anyone who wants to learn how to swim is to get rid of, or at least try to overcome the fear of depth. But this, of course, does not mean that one should not know how to swim to make attempts to learn technique at depth. It is important to convince your own body that it is quite free on the water surface. Such training as an option can be conducted in the summer in open water.
  2. Learn to swim well in the pool. However, for this purpose, the depth of the bottom should reach about two meters. The main thing is that your feet do not touch the bottom. Of course, an adult can learn the technique himself, but it is better to have a lifeguard for a safety net. It can be a relative or an acquaintance that swims well.
  3. First of all, it is very important to learn how to breathe properly. For this, experienced athletes recommend doing such an exercise. Hands need to hold on to the side and the body while it is vertical. It is necessary to take a deep breath and the body without letting go completely from the rim under the water, exhaling air through the mouth. As soon as your feet touch the bottom, you must immediately push away. Once the head is on the surface, you should inhale. To properly experience this simple exercise, it is better to do it longer.
  4. After the breathing exercises, it will be necessary to observe the floating try to repeat their movements as accurately as possible. Experienced swimmers recommend starting trying to repeat the breaststroke – the hands move forward, and after that, they make pretty rounded movements. It is not so important how well it turns out to swim. The most important thing is to remove the stiffness inherent in many novice swimmers and become a confident swimmer.

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How to teach a child to swim?How to Learn To Swim Yourself: 5 Recommendations for Adults and Children

Teach a child to swim is not as difficult as it may seem. Here, as well as with adults, it is important to try to save the fidget from the fear of water. If the child completely refuses even to go into the water, one should not insist. Maybe it’s just not the time yet. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the child will become even more frightened and then there will be a problem even at home to bathe in the shower. To teach people to swim, one should follow the following tips:

  • Initially, you need to teach your child to lie on the water. It is important to ensure that the child lies horizontally on the water and does not lower his face into the water. To do this, use exercises such as “star”, “float” or “arrow.”
  • It is important to teach the baby to breathe properly – a quick enough breath through the nose and a long exhalation through the nose. One of the most popular exercises is exhalation simply in the water.
  • It is necessary to master the technique of swimming and the exact sequence. All movements should be mastered in a specific order. Initially, it will be sliding on the water, and later work with your feet, hands and only later inhale and exhale.

Confidently swimming not only for children, but for adults, the ability to move slowly, but at the same time, these movements should be continuous. Some muscles do not need to strain, do not fall into the water, and stick out of it.

It is important that the parents are there and follows the baby. In fact, both children and adults can learn to swim. It’s not so important how many years at the moment. The main thing is to have a desire to become healthier, slimmer, more enduring, and therefore, happier and more confident in the future. And what, in fact, can be more important than this?

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