Popular Sporting Events Coming Up In 2021

Over the past calendar year, it has been a very difficult year for us sports fans as many events were either postponed or cancelled due to global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Due to this, many events have had to be pushed back to this year to ensure that not only can they go ahead, but with fans in attendance also as many of us are now crying out to get back in the stadiums supporting our favourite teams from the stands.

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The one tournament that many fans will be most looking forward to in 2021 will be the Euros 2020 which was pushed back from last summer because the tournament was due to take place last summer in a number of European countries but of course had to be postponed due to the pandemic. However, this year might just be a better year for the tournament as we have seen some of the youthful squads be able to grow in talent and we are looking forward to possibly one of the most anticipated tournaments in recent times.

[Image: Sky Sports]

Another sporting event in which is always highly anticipated every four years is that of the Olympics which will be staged in Tokyo, Japan for the 32nd Olympic Games. Although the Euros will possibly take the headlines for the sporting world this summer, the Olympics is a collective of sports that brings the whole world together as there is certainly a sport for everyone to be interested in at least. We are looking forward to a good battle United States of America and China who are usually the top two on the medal’s charts come the end of the Olympics.

And finally, the last big event that we are looking forward to is in the cricket world in which Eoin Morgan and his England side will be trying to add a World T20 title to their World ODI title which they won back in 2019 in empathic fashion. However, we are expecting this to be a whole lot more difficult for the English side as they only find themselves as second best in the world behind India after they have just lost a 3-day series against them – certainly something to look forward to though.

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