Causes Of Regurgitation In Newborns

Caring parents are always worried about the condition of their baby. And as soon as something goes wrong, they sound the alarm. One of the most common problems is regurgitation in newborns. According to statistics, 66% of children fewer than three months burp at least once a day. This is a completely natural physiological process, but sometimes this phenomenon can signal the presence of health problems. If your baby is “sick” after feeding, be sure to check out our article. In it, we will examine the possible causes of regurgitation in newborns and show you what to do.

Terms Of Storage Of Breast Milk

When it comes to the graduation of the most useful food for newborns, the palm always and certainly gets breast milk. None of the most innovative blends can replace this natural and extremely useful product. In mother’s milk, there is a whole list of useful substances, as well as unique antibodies that help the crumbs in the formation of strong immunity. The question of the organization of proper storage of breast milk may be relevant in such cases:

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