Do you mean the UK becoming a tax haven to avoid a national disaster by the Brexit?

The British surprised us at dawn with a shift in the consultation on the Brexit. Shortly after knowing the democratic verdict split,the Bank of England announced that there would be more stimulus to mitigate the effects of dreaded decision. The dramatic effects of the fear of markets and companies, have been felt quickly in Britain, so the authorities are not going to limit only to the usual monetary policies, and rub against tradition.

Beyond as possible purely monetary actions the Bank of England, the British have entered fully into the economic measures and even political, and economy minister has already announced that the government is considering lowering the corporate income tax 20% to 15%. In this article we will discuss what implications can have this alleged cut corporate tax, what other measures can be expected from stimuli BoE, and what effects can bring all these measures on the economy and on the lives of everyday mainly the British, and to a lesser extent the rest of Europe.

The Brexit comes at the worst possible moment

Let’s start putting a little in a position to understand the context and reasons leading to the measures subject of our analysis. The problem of Brexit is not only all that implies in itself, which is not bad, but the big problem is that it comes at a time when it is fashionable (without judging the correctness or not it) put on question to Europe. Not only the British raise serious questions about the future of the European project, which would not be too relevant given the traditional path Island “neither Europe nor without it”: the problem is that, even in countries with more pro- European tradition step opening new policies and opinion currents that try to blow up the foundations of European construction. Some Eurosceptics from beyond the channel cling to the Brexit is a democratic decision, and it seems that everything is decided by referendum automatically and reaches the perfection of the golden ratio. From here nobody denies the democratic process: the issue is that the mass, however majority that is also wrong, with what at what is before we are truly a big mistake, yes, democratically committed.

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