How To Count Fetal Movements?

The first tangible perturbations of the fetus are a very quivering and exciting moment for every pregnant woman. It is from this day that the interaction of the future mother and her baby begins: by the pushes of the baby in the womb, one can determine the periods of his activity, predict temperament and character and, most importantly, diagnose the degree of the well-being of a developing pregnancy. That is why from 28-30 weeks up to the birth, leading obstetricians and gynecologists recommend counting fetal movements according to various schemes. Why is such a manipulation necessary, how to carry it out correctly and in what cases is it worth worrying? Let’s look at the main methods of perinatal diagnosis, based on the frequency and intensity of movements of the baby in the womb.

Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, an ovarian cyst is a diagnosis that a woman can hear at any stage of her life, including during pregnancy. The possible risks and consequences associated with this neoplasm depend on its size, limitation, and nature. Therefore, to understand the question of what to do when an ovarian cyst is detected and how it affects the course of pregnancy is possible only after the causes and appearance of the neoplasm are known.

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