The 10 Worst Airports In The World

Airports are the cathedrals of modernity. All cities will strive to have a bigger and taller one than the neighbor and prestigious architects dream of moving to posterity by building them. But they do not always remember to make them comfortable for those who have to suffer them.The guide to sleeping in airports is a curious website whose users send reports on the quality of airports around the world. It started as a page of backpackers and travelers with a little budget who spent information on how to sleep for free at the terminals to save a hotel night. And it has ended up becoming the most complete and hilarious pantry of information about those places where travelers spend at the end longer than we would like.To make this list with the worst airports in the world, the guys at The guide to sleeping in airports took into account issues such as the comfort of the facilities, the existence of rest areas and sufficient seats, the restoration, the courtesy and elegance of the immigration and security personnel, customer service or cleaning the bathrooms. And the result is this: 10 aerodromes for which you will never want to pass.

Here the list 10 Worst Airports In The World

1. King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

Saving the fact that it has free Wi-Fi, the rest of the negative aspects of this airport make it worthy of this undesirable first place. With hardly any rest areas or restaurants, the hygiene of the complex leaves much to be desired in general and its immigration officers are usually described as arrogant and rude. A bad place to have to make a long scale.

2. Jubbah International Airport (South Sudan)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

A practically new state, born after a bloody and long civil war, has other concerns beyond the comforts of its airport. But the truth is that Jubba terminal is more like a sauna with limited services-where toilets are usually broken most of the time than an international terminal. Unfortunately, and given the current situation, South Sudan has enough left to obtain better-equipped infrastructures.

3. Port Harcourt International Airport (Nigeria)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

It is always one of the worst rated aerodromes in all the lists. Not in vain, last year occupied the first position of this ranking of Sleeping in the airport. Passengers huddle at the counters in endless queues as they try to scare away the innumerable mosquitoes that swarm around the room. Sanitary ware with the little cleaning, the collection of luggage without tape and accusations of practices close to corruption in its officers make this place one of the most undesirable travel destinations.

4. Tashkent International Airport (Uzbekistan)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

The airport of the Uzbek capital makes merits to be placed higher each year in this list of dubious prestige. In fact, it is considered the worst airport in Asia. The complaints of users are mainly focused on the number of security controls that undermine the patience of the holiest and make it impossible to advance to the boarding gates.

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5. Santorini National Airport – Thira (Greece)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

Go ahead that much of the blame for the bad score of Santorini airport is the mass of tourists who come as hordes to the island. That said, it does not help that the facilities are ridiculously small and that people have to wait to check in queuing in the sun. The situation does not improve much either since the waiting rooms do not have air conditioning. In August, it is better to arm yourself with patience and be very aware that it will be time to wait, yes or yes.

6. Chania International Airport (Greece)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

Another Greek airport with limited services and no air conditioning. In high season it is common to see people sitting on the floor because they do not have enough chairs or resting places to meet the demand. And if that were not enough, the price level of the food is exorbitant, even more so than the average of European airports. Practical advice if you have to fly there in summer: take-home food and under no circumstances forget the fan.

7. Heraklion International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis (Greece)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

And since there are no two without three, the seventh position is occupied by another Greek airport. In addition, very close to the Chania: they separate 140 kilometers. Stratospheric prices, uncomfortable seats in the waiting rooms, unfriendly service staff and lack of hygiene in services make this airport a nightmarish place. Too bad it is the gateway to a destination as beautiful as Crete.

8. Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport (Venezuela)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

There are no good times for travelers who intend to arrive in Venezuela. The cancellation of routes that several companies announced adds the improved service of its main airport. The habitual users recommend foreseeing as little as five hours to make a stop due to the malfunction of the logistic services that manage luggage and connections. Security is another aspect negatively pointed out; It is recommended to be very aware of the luggage at all times and pack the bags to avoid unwanted openings.

9. London-Luton Airport (England)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

Luton is the clear example of the low-cost model of modern aviation. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most competitive scenarios to reach the English capital because it is the low-cost companies that fly at the most competitive prices. But what you save, on the one hand, you end up paying for it on the other: excess baggage, drop-offs on the runway, even the plastic bags needed for liquids less than 100 ml have a price. A Pinypon airport that urgently needs a reform that adapts it to the level of passengers it receives each year.

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10. Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu (Nepal)The 10 Worst Airports In The World

If anyone wants to know how is Kathmandu airport can see it well represented in the movie Everest. Based in 1996, probably the production team of the film did not have to move anything to reproduce as it was the airport two decades ago. The area of international flights is not bad at all; however, that of domestic flights, rather than a terminal, looks like a dilapidated town bus station.

The Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

In just a few decades, real estate has been so successful that it is now taking over the world market. The vital need for large cities but also a major player in the “good bills” of the economy, real estate remains a “down to earth” sector but which guarantees a rapid enrichment. Focusing on the implementation of a policy of good stewardship and the modernization of modernity, real estate is not limited to a single framework. Although present in all cities of the world, some of them enjoy a status at golden prices: luxury in its entire splendor. Where the price indicates the high-end, we present you the list of the most expensive cities in the world for the luxury real estate.

Here 11 Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate.

MonacoThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

City of the principality of the upper Monegasque society, it was well known that the agglomeration of the great millionaires was a rich city. The French city, however, surprises with the price of real estate. The accommodations are of such a high standard in Monaco, we do not only rub shoulders with luxury, we live and it’s normal. With a figure that shows between 43,000 Dollars and 48,000 Dollars per square meter, real estate is not given in Monaco.

Indeed, the luxury of the principality has become a new trend. The status of the city has also played a key role in this rise in real estate prices. Luxury residences and luxury apartments do not skimp on the means for owners to enjoy an aristocratic life that borders on excellence, refinement, and objects of great value. We can also refer to the scarcity of real estate and tax evasion as the origin of this place of Monaco in the real estate sector. With a rise of 2%, the real estate of Monaco is luxury among the luxuries. A fame that makes the city includes very rich people.

Hong KongThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Second world GDP, China puts in the spotlight Hong Kong in the price of the luxury real estate. With a considerable rise in economic development, the city has become the center of the largest business in the world.

Real estate, especially occupied by professionals, the city records a price of 37,100 Dollars to 41,000 Dollars per square meter. With an innumerable need for a larger and more luxurious structure, the city of business is turning to a flawless modernity and more valuable products than the others.

LondonThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Entering the list of elites, London has a price of 30,000 to 35,000 Dollars per square meter. With a rise of 8.70%, the sober and classy city puts in front of the stage the luxury. Always favorite of the better-off, the city of the United Kingdom knows no doubt its success among millionaires thanks to its monarchical status.

GenevaThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

The big city of Switzerland is 24,000 Dollars per square meter. Switzerland is still a country with power, its largest city still attracts greed and allows investors to enjoy a growing economy. A point that allows anchoring more and more in luxury real estate and can thus display very exorbitant prices.

ParisThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Becoming in a few years a flagship destination for people, Paris has also turned into an ideal city to live. The requests then went far beyond the offers. With world renown for refinement and a luxurious taste, real estate can barely handle the demands. As a result, the big capital knows a price rise from 19,100 Dollars to 21,000 Dollars per square meter. The origin also comes from the atypical taste of the city which makes a return on the row the love of luxury and things of great values.

Also listing buildings and residences that date back several centuries, real estate plays on the beauty of local heritage and tends to let owners enjoy many priceless things. However, it should be taken into account that foreigners wanting to live in the city contribute to this status of the luxury real estate in the big capital.

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SingaporeThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

This second city of China has a price between 19,000 and 21,000 Dollars per square meter. This is mainly due to the economic activity of the country. With demand skyrocketing, the real estate sector is booming. Luxury is not only related to this high demand but also the type of customer who wants to have a residence or apartment in the big city at all costs. The presence of wealthy individuals also plays a role in this inflation. The demands are increasing, but the rich youth of the agglomeration is also raising the numbers.

MoscowThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Even with a warm climate, the city is talking about it with a figure between 16,600 and 18,300 Dollars. For years, we know that many Russians are rich, immensely rich. On the one hand, we can say that the demands of local Russians are contributing to rising prices with increasingly luxurious tastes. On the other hand, it is not to be excluded that the city’s renown on many levels (mainly cultural) means that the city is looking more and more for luxury.

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New YorkThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

With a population that is skyrocketing, generally, the city of New York is experiencing a boom in the real estate sector. The city of all dreams, however, displays a price between 16 400 and 18 200 Dollars per square meter in luxury real estate. The cause: the unusual and excessive taste of luxury in the city. It is especially the apartments that are the most sought after, the view at the top of the floors being the most popular. But more than the real estate in question, the choice of the neighborhood also plays a crucial role in the price displayed.

SydneyThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

The Australian city enters the ranks with a price between 16 400 and 18 100 Dollars per square meter. A price that luxury real estate seems to appreciate given the value of the city, its success and its reputation especially with wealthy young people.

ShanghaiThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

China is still talking about it with its second city included in luxury. Displaying up to 18,000 Dollars per square meter, Shanghai rubs shoulders with luxury with a golden youth that is anchored more and more in modernity and Western styles. The refinement of the requested raw materials is also the cause of this price and the luxury status of the local real estate.

PekinThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

China’s third largest city with luxury real estate up to 13,800 square meters, Beijing is blazing the sector with a growing concentration of demands. Beijingers are numerous to be wealthy besides the numerous foreigners who rush to the city for business. Playing a crucial role in economic development, the city is also a major player in the country and attracts wealthy businessmen willing to invest and live.

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