4 Signs of Seasonal Sadness and the Tech Tools That Can Help

Seasonal sadness is a kind of depression that occurs as the seasons change. It is a type of depression that is typically referred to as the winter blues since it occurs most frequently during the colder months. So, if you have symptoms such as sadness, low energy, and moodiness as the weather turns colder, it could be an indication of seasonal sadness, also known as seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal sadness is rather common, and there are some helpful strategies you may do to combat the symptoms. The following are the most frequent symptoms of seasonal sadness, as well as a few technological tools and apps that can aid you when you start to feel down, and you can try the slots at reelroger.com right after.

Problems Concentrating

Struggling to concentrate or make decisions is a common symptom of seasonal depression. Loss of concentration might exacerbate bad sentiments by making you feel as though you can’t get anything done. To overcome this difficult indicator of seasonal sadness, utilize a fun, lighthearted app like Forest.

The Forest app encourages you to cultivate your own magnificent forest of trees. The secret, though, is to remain away from your phone and concentrate on your selected work. Your trees will perish otherwise. To begin, select the tree you wish to grow, then determine the concentration time and task. Tap Plant to start the growth process.

The more you concentrate on your work, the more trees you will be able to grow and see thrive. The software includes two focus modes: Timer and Stopwatch. There are also a variety of attractive and distinctive tree species to plant in your forest, just the variety of games available to win at best New Zealand online casino.

Trouble Sleeping or Oversleeping

Seasonal affective disorder, like many other types of depression, can interrupt your normal sleeping patterns. If you have trouble sleeping, Dodow, a sleep assistance gadget, may be able to assist you. How does this small, inconspicuous device help you sleep better?

Dodow is a piece of sleep technology that uses a particular light system to gently assist you to sleep to ensure you receive a better night’s sleep. Simply place the Dodow next to your bed, and it will flash an LED blue light onto the ceiling.

The rhythm of the light synchronizes with your breathing, relaxes you, and eventually helps you go to asleep. In addition, you may set a sleep timer for 8 or 20 minutes before the Dodow turns off.

Reduced Social Contact

When the season of sadness rolls in, you may find yourself withdrawing socially. Having some type of social support is critical at this time. When you can’t be physically present with your friends and family, it’s time to think outside the box. The Lovebox is an excellent tiny smart messaging device that can assist you in staying in touch with your loved ones.

The Lovebox is not merely a device for bringing couples closer together—anyone who loves each other can use it! Your best friends, parents, grandparents, and children are all included.

But how does the Lovebox function? Simply connect your Lovebox to the companion app to begin exchanging GIFs, text messages, images, drawings, stickers, and other content. Then, as the message is delivered to your loved one, watch the gadget spin.

Circadian Rhythm Is Off Track

Oftentimes, the main reason that people suffer from seasonal sadness is that there is less sunlight and shorter days, a combination that can disrupt your sleep and wake cycles. As stated in a post from Harvard Health Publishing, bright light therapy directly affects circadian rhythms and is therefore a successful treatment of depression.

So, when you can’t expose yourself to real sunlight, artificial light is the next best thing. A light therapy box is a device that emits light that is similar to direct sunlight. One of the best light therapy boxes to get your hands on is a Verilux HappyLight.

The HappyLight Luxe is an excellent choice because it has four brightness levels, a countdown timer, and customizable colours. Don’t worry if you’re looking for something different, such as a desk lamp or a floor light. The HappyLights devices are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and prices.

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