Deciding between a Laptop and a Tablet

When the time comes for back-to-school or college, parents are often looking to get their kids the best tech to help them with their homework and keep up with their online education platforms. So, will they be better off with a laptop or tablet?

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The choice is entirely up to the user’s personal needs and preferences. The type of software they use will dictate which device would be most beneficial. For example, if the user is a student they might want a Chromebook which offers great hardware capabilities and can be connected to a keyboard for typing-intensive work. Alternatively, for streaming movies and reading on the go, a lightweight tablet would be better.

The battery life and storage are important considerations. Laptops generally score better in this regard with a bigger amount of RAM and internal storage than tablets, which is vital for multitasking or storing large files. They also typically have longer battery lives, so users can stay productive and mobile without needing to constantly recharge the device. For Cheap Laptops, take a look at

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Lastly, if the user will be building multimedia projects or requires hardcore multitasking capability, then they’ll need a laptop with a quad-core processor and dedicated GPU to handle the workload. Likewise, for those who need to view several documents and media files at once, the screen size of a laptop is important as it can be easier to see multiple pages at once with a bigger screen than a tablet.

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