Five advantages of plasma spraying

Plasma spraying is used to provide a strong coating to a range of materials. It is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and engineering industries, as well as within the biomedical, chemical, and nuclear sectors.

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Plasma spraying involves feeding powdered materials, plus a carrier gas, through a spray gun into a heat-sourced plasma arc. The powders are then heated sufficiently to melt or partially melt them, after which they are sprayed onto a cooled substrate surface.

Plasma spray coating allows for protection against wear and tear, and corrosion, as well as providing heat protection and refurbishment of older parts.


1.      Plasma spraying is a well-researched and understood method of coating. It is easily accessible and available nationwide.

2.      Plasma spraying is suitable for a wide variety of substrates, regardless of their composition. It is usable on metals, ceramics, glass, plastic, and composites.

3.      Plasma jets are usable in even the highest of temperatures, making it possible to spray ceramics and refractory metals such as tungsten.

4.      Plasma spraying offers a wider range of particle powder sizes in comparison with alternatives such as HVOF spraying.

5.      A wide range of coating materials can be used in accordance with requirements. If a material is available in powder form, it can be utilised for plasma spraying and coating.

Thermal plasma spray

Thermal plasma spray coating such as the Apticote 800 spray range is a high-performance ceramic, cermet, and metallic plasma coating that can be applied to a variety of substrates. For more information on thermal plasma spray coating, visit a specialist provider such as

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A specialist provider will be able to assist with spray coating in state-of-the-art facilities, with a team of highly experienced staff who are capable of the precise spraying and pre-treating of even the most intricate pieces.

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