Fotoswipe: Share Your Photos In An Incredible Way

Fotoswipe Share Your Photos In An Incredible Way

Fotoswipe is one of those applications that catch the eye as soon as you see them. We know that you know several ways to share your photos with friends and family; the options are multiple and of the most varied, some simpler and others more complicated. Fotoswipe will love you to see how it works; is original, very functional and simple.

Fotoswipe Share Your Photos In An Incredible Way How does it work?

Fotoswipe uses the location feature of our “smartphone”. It’s completely free and available on both Google Play and the App Store. This allows us to use Fotoswipe on both operating systems to share our photos: we only have to install the application on both devices, enable the location option and start browsing our gallery. Once we have decided the photo we want to share from one device to another will just keep it selected with our finger and slide from one screen to another.

Fotoswipe Share Your Photos In An Incredible Way As by magic the file will follow our finger and in a surprising way our photo will move instantly from one mobile to another. The application will create a folder with the name of Photoswipe where the photos will be saved. Fotoswipe works without creating any user has a simple menu with few options (such as pin-protecting files), works easy, simple and effective.

We preferred applications like the missing Bump after being bought by the almighty Google . With Bump it was enough to crash the devices to share the files that we had previously selected. It even had a web application. Fotoswipe has caught our attention because this time it is enough to magically drag our photos; Turns an increasingly everyday action into something fun, and therein lies its charm.

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