How to Care for and Clean your Solar Panels

If you want to reduce your electricity costs and use a more environmentally source of energy in your home, then getting solar panels installed by a professional like this solar panel installation Nailsea based company is a great way to do this.

Solar panels can last for decades and are a great renewable resource, however in order to keep them working as well as they should, it is important that you keep them clean.

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Because solar panels are usually mounted on a roof, they are exposed to all of the weather and dirt that is found outdoors – from bird droppings to dust and pollen. This can then build up on the panels making them less efficient at producing electricity for your home.

If you want to clean your solar panels yourself, it is important to make sure that you firstly make sure you are safely doing it. Turn off the power to the system beforehand and take appropriate safety measures for working at height when you are going up onto the roof of your home.

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The panels must never be scrubbed or cleaned with anything that is rough or abrasive – water and a soft cloth are generally all that you will need to remove the dirt. Harsh chemicals and materials can cause damage to your solar panels.

You should also make sure that you are not using pressure on the panels as this can also cause damage. Pressure washers should be avoided as this can damage the delicate parts of the panels and the joins.

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