How to clean the computer screen and keyboard correctly

clean the computer

Do you know how to clean the computer or laptop screen and keyboard well? In this article, we show you several methods, tricks and products that you can apply to leave these elements as new and guarantee the correct hygiene of your equipment.

Today we will teach you how to clean the exterior of your PC or laptop and its two most essential elements: the screen and the keyboard.  If you want to clean the dirt stuck to the fan, it is best to use outward-facing compressed air and carry out this task at the end of everything, so as not to dust the device again.

It should be noted that to carry out the cleaning of your computer it is advisable that it be turned off and disconnected from the current, without spilling any type of liquid inside. When it comes to the screen, you can use a specialized spray and a microfiber wipe, gently rubbing in circles to avoid damaging the surface.

It is important to note that the part of the screen should not have contact with detergent liquid so as not to spoil, so a slightly damp sponge is sufficient. If you use cloth, it should be lint-free. Another important point is to avoid using paper products to carry out cleaning: napkins, paper towels or toilet paper can scratch and damage the screen.

If you want to use a home cleaning solution, prepare a mild solution with distilled water, without chemicals and that does not damage the screen. If you want the cleaning to be more thorough, you can use a uniform mixture of white vinegar and distilled water, applying it in a very small amount with a spray bottle.

Remember that the only safe cleaning products for your screen are the aforementioned mixture of ordinary water and vinegar or a commercial cleaner specifically made to clean screens: window cleaner and detergent are not recommended. And don’t wet the screen directly or you could cause a short circuit or damage the equipment.

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How to Properly Clean the Keyboard

Along with the mouse, the keyboard is the most used peripheral and that with the use and passage of time usually accumulates dust and dirt, as well as crumbs and ash in the case of the most careless users. To clean it without damaging it, it is advisable to turn it regularly and shake it so that the dirt comes off.

It is ideal to use a cleaning brush like the one you see in the photograph that accompanies this article to insert it between the keys and so that all specks and particles can be removed. You can use disposable wipes -also in the case of the mouse-.

If the keys are somewhat greasy, you can opt for cotton or swab and soak them in with a disinfectant solution or 90% alcohol, detergent or soap.

In the case of laptops, you can remove the keys using specific tools, such as levers or spudgers that you can find on digital platforms such as Amazon. You can slide the lever under them and remove them, using a vacuum cleaner for dust and dirt or warm water to clean them.

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