How to turn your mobile into a computer webcam

computer webcam

We tell you how to use your mobile as a webcam on the computer in a very simple, freeway and with a simple application. It is a very simple process and, in addition, you will have better images than with the integrated webcam.

Surely many of you are now discovering video calls. Yes, that option that in mobile phones revolutionized the segment thanks to the front cameras (or those that were turned around in the hinge of the shell-type mobile phones). But not only on mobile phones, also on computers. We are using video calls a lot, and we are going to teach you how to use your phone as a webcam on your PC.

And it is that, due to the current situation, many of us are pulling more than the normal camera for work meetings or for virtual gatherings with friends and family. However, there are two types of webcams: those that are good and cost money … and those that have a 720p resolution with a tiny sensor and the one that we have on the other side of the network does not know if it is us or a Minecraft doll.

There is also the case that your laptop or desktop does not have a webcam, but surely you do have a mobile, and you can use it as a webcam. The only thing you need is that the PC and the mobile connect to the same Wi-Fi network … and that the terminal is an Android. Of course, if you want a webcam, we recommend the best ones.

There are many applications that allow us to use the Android mobile as a webcam for the PC, Linux or Mac. We have tested three: DroidCam, iVCam and iRun Webcam.

All three work very well, even if they have a paid option, the free version   works wonderfully and it is very easy to connect the mobile app with the corresponding app on the computer, but we have stayed with IvCam.

The operation of these applications is more or less the same. Summarizing …

  • We need the same application installed both on the mobile and on the PC (found in the Play Store in the case of Android and on the website itself in Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • Both the PC and the mobile must be connected on the same Wi-Fi network, since communication is done through the internal IP. There are apps that allow us to connect via USB cable.
  • If all is well, we see what the mobile camera “sees” on the screen of our PC.

I liked DroicCam because it allows you to change various parameters of the camera, such as using the rear or the front. iRun allows, if the mobile supports it, to record in 4K, but  as I was saying, I will stay with iVCam.

The reason is that it is the only one that, without having to do anything, is detected by Discord or Skype, since it comes out as one more hardware device in the Windows device manager. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to configure, just connect the PC and the mobile … and start talking in our favorite communication app.

The configuration is also very simple. The first thing we do is open the app on the mobile and download the latest software on PC. You must download the latest version or it will not work.

Once we download the app on the mobile and on the computer, as soon as we start on the phone, and as long as we are connected to the same network, the two devices will synchronize and we will start to see the mobile camera on the PC.

We have several image options that we must touch on the app (such as video quality, orientation, audio quality …) and these changes are automatically applied on the computer.

In the event that your mobile does not appear as if it were a webcam in applications such as Skype, Discord  or the one you use, all you have to do is go to the device manager and search for the camera device to ensure that it is connected, but by our tests, everything has been “synchronized” the first time.

Having said that, you already know how to use your Android phone as if it were a webcam. And, obviously, with much more quality than a webcam.

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