Revolutionary Restaurant Pager System

There is a new, revolutionary, Restaurant Pager System that cleverly allows customers to request Staff attend their table.  Or it can easily be used by the busy cooks in the kitchen to call the waiters and waitresses to take the hot food to the parties waiting at each table. This futuristic Pager System offered by professional companies such as provides numerous ways to send and receive calls and is ideally suited for busy restaurants, cafes and bars. With long distances, multiple floors and thick walls being no issue for this clever device it’s proving to be a perfect solution for larger venues as well as cosy intimate venues where sight to and from the food preparation area is restricted.

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This innovative Restaurant Pager System calls through to the Staff on their tablets and mobile phones and alerts them to the customers who are waiting to be served.  As soon as a call is answered by a member of Staff, the System tells other staff so that only one member of the team is deployed to the waiting table. If a customer’s call inadvertently goes unanswered the clever system will send out a “long wait” signal so that customer is then a priority.

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Now that these State-of-the-Art Restaurant Pager Systems are being used up and down the Country, customers are loving the control they have over their food and drinks service and really enjoying no longer having to queue at the bar.

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