Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For Beginners

Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For Beginners

Not everything will be smartphones of the latest generation or accessories to increase our productivity, whether work or sports. At times, fancy a simple fun time, without further pretension, taking the child we carry inside.

So today we are going to talk about a little drone that we think you will like: The Syma x12 . We are faced with a quadricopter of such small dimensions that make it fit in the palm of your hand, as it is only 7 centimeters long.

And is that the Syma x12, could be described more as a toy, (due to its price and dimensions), than as a drone; this classification usually corresponds to unmanned vehicles of a certain size and that do not have a strictly playful purpose.

Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For Beginners Syma x12 Nano: Fun to reach any pocket

The Syma x12 is intended for those people who want to get started in the management of this type of devices, but without having to make a big investment. Unlike the Syma X5C that we already analyzed, we are facing a much less ambitious drone in both size and functions, as it does not have any type of camera for making aerial recordings.

Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For BeginnersAs we can see, the dimensions of the Syma x12 Nano are very small

So its only function is to fly, but let’s not be fooled by its small size, because like its older brother, the Syma X5c, has a 6-axis gyroscope that allows a total freedom of movement. You may ask that it is that of the 6 axes, because the apparatus only carries 4 arms with their corresponding propellers. Well, like smartphones, which usually include a multi-function gyroscope (such as adapting screen viewing to the terminal position or for use in games), this quadricopter uses this type of sensor to To be able to perform 6 types of movements ; Or the possible movements in a two-dimensional space, such as the possibility of goingForward and backward, or to the left and right ; as 4 extra moves that are possible only in a three dimensional environment, such as moving up or down, head (tilt forward or pitch), yaw (tilt backward or yaw) and roll (roll).

Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For BeginnersPossibilities of movement of Syma x12 Nano

As we can see, the Syma x12 can perform any type of maneuver, including a 360 degree turn. So we are faced with a small and light quadricopter that allows us a flight autonomy of between 6 and 8 minutes and is loaded through a micro-USB port on one side, which makes it really easy to Charge (between 50 and 60 minutes of charging time). There are also colored LEDs for nocturnal flight.

Syma X12 Nano, A Small And Inexpensive Drone, Ideal For BeginnersNext we leave a video of Syma x12 Nano in action:

  • Syma x12 Nano drone specifications.
  • colors.syma X12 nano
  • The Syma X12 Nano is available in several colors.
  • In Syma x12 nano to detail:
  • Brand : SYMA
  • Model : X12 Nano
  • Color: Black, red, white.
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V 100mAh.
  • Transmitter battery: 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Flight time: approximately 6-8 minutes.
  • Charging time: about 50-60 minutes (USB charging).
  • Control distance: about 20m.
  • Package Size : 17 * 12 * 10cm / 6.7 * 4.7 * 3.9in
  • Package Weight : 298g / 10.5oz
  • Package Content:
  • 1 * Syma X12 Nano Quadcopter
  • 1 * Transmitter 2.4G Syma
  • 1 * USB Charger
  • 4 * Replacement Propeller
  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 * User Manual in English

As we see the capabilities of the Syma x12 do not make it suitable for long distance flight and more like a dron for indoor use or reduced open space. Emma has a complete control that uses a frequency of 2.4GHz, which in addition to reducing consumption and interference, gives the Syma x12 nano a rapid reaction capacity.

Detail of the control of Syma x12 nano, which allows a complete control of the device.

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Conclusions and availability of Syma x12 Nano

Little more remains to be said for this little gadget. If you want a small and inexpensive quadricopter with which to enter the world of the drones and familiarize yourself with its handling, this is the device you were looking for. However, the Syma X12 Nano has a low price of around 20 euros depending on the store, which makes it fit for any pocket.

On eBay we can find it for a price of 27 $ with shipping from United Kingdom through this link. If we want a price a little more adjusted, in amazon we find the x12 nano for 21.99 $, or in aliexpress we can find it for 19$ with a shipment of 3 weeks approximately through this seller .

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