The Pros and Cons of Air Source Heat Pumps

If you want to reduce both your bills and your carbon footprint, finding a suitable source of energy for your home is a great way to do this. Air source heat pumps are becoming a more popular choice with homeowners who are looking to do this, but like everything, you must make sure that your home is suitable, as well as going to a professional like this air source heat pumps Gloucester based installer to make sure that it is done correctly.

If you are weighing up whether air source heat pumps are the right choice for you, here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide…

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Pro – Energy Efficiency – Because they produce more energy than they use air source heat pumps are a great choice when it comes to efficiency. You should check with your installer the exact input and output, as it can vary based on different models and external conditions.

Con – Space – If you are short on space, both inside and outside, an air source heat pump may not be practical for you. You need space outside for the unit, as well as the indoor space for the pipes going to your heating system.

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Pro – Money Saving – If you are looking to save money, air source heat pumps are less expensive to run than a gas boiler.

Con – Changes to your Home – You may also need to install more modern radiators to ensure that the heat pump is effectively warming your home.

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