10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

In fact, the reasons for visiting the unique Amalfi Coast are much more than ten. But we picked up such arguments, after which you will have nothing left, except how to collect a suitcase, buy tickets and quickly go to this small Italian paradise.

Here 10 reasons to why visit Amalfi coast

1. Sorrento, Positano, Solerno, Praiano, Ravello, Minori …

… And also Maiori, Amalfi, Chetara and many, many other cities. The Amalfi Coast is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in Italy, where unique nature, ancient cities, and excellent beach resorts are perfectly combined.10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi – a city that stretches on mountain rocks along the Mediterranean Sea and creates incredible panoramas, which remain forever in the memory of the guests. Each of them deserves special attention, so be prepared for a rich holiday. Amalfi has a lot of attractions in its arsenal, and therefore UNESCO recognized its entire coast as the World Heritage of Humanity.

2. The Cathedral in Sorrento

The architectural miracle visited by representatives of various religious denominations, considering it primarily a work of art, is the Cathedral of San Giacomo and San Phillippo in Sorrento. It was built in the XI century, but since that time it was regularly built and expanded. Thus, today in its interiors it is possible to consider the key epochs of the development of Italian art.

The Renaissance paintings, unique Baroque frescoes, the doors and shutters of the 18th and 19th centuries, the almost modern façade and the many other unique objects of the cathedral, made it a real pearl of Italian architecture.

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3. The Path of the Gods

Being in the Amalfi coast, every self-respecting traveler simply has to pass along the famous Path of the Gods – an incredible walking route that stretches on the tops of the rocks, right on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

The path connects many coastal villages and ancient settlements with each other and fascinates all travelers with its incredible views that open from its peaks and for which it is worthwhile to overcome a long climb.

4. The incredible beaches of Majori

One of the best beaches on the coast are the beaches of the city of Majori. They are here the longest, cleanest, and most importantly – safe. The coastline is devoid of rocky cliffs and rocks, so the entrance to the water is very comfortable.

There are pebbly and sandy zones, there are quite a few zones with free entrance (and this is not all the beaches of the Amalfi coast boast). And since the city is sheltered from all sides by rocks, it is always very beautiful here.10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

5. The Emerald Grotto

In the town of Conca dei Marini, not far from the Amalfi coast, one of the natural wonders of the coast is the Emerald Grotto. Grotta dello Smeraldo – special, and all thanks to the water of an amazing emerald shade, this can be seen only in the few grottoes of the world.

The cave was formed as a result of the displacement of tectonic plates, and it was discovered quite by chance by a simple fisherman Luigi Bioncore a little less than 100 years ago. Since then, the cave has become one of the properties of the coast, where thousands of tourists sail daily on boats.

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6. Villa Chembrano and Villa Rufolo in Ravello

The village of Ravello is small and at the same time very beautiful because it is insanely popular. And first of all – among people creative and talented, which he inspires with his landscapes.

Villa Rufolo – almost the main symbol of Ravello. Situated on a natural terrace, at an altitude of more than 300 meters above sea level, Villa Rufolo is an amazing garden, this is an Arab-Norman style patio, this is the three-tier Torre Maggiore tower, which you should climb to see one of Ravello’s best landscapes. In a word, a must-visit.10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

Villa Chembrano is worthy competition Rufolo and in no way inferior to her beauty, according to many travelers, even surpasses. First of all, thanks to a garden with amazing landscapes, picturesque alleys, and terraces, including the famous Terrace of Infinity. The villa itself is now an expensive hotel that is preferred for celebrity holidays and previously it served as a residence where famous people stayed: Winston Churchill, Virginia Woolf, Greta Garbo, Thomas Eliot and many others.

7. Festivals in Minori

The cultural capital of the coast can easily be called the town of Minori. This corner of Amalfi, in addition to landscapes and panoramas, pleases residents and visitors of the city with good music.

So, in August the city hosts a big jazz festival, and in the middle of September, its streets and concert halls fill the sounds of classical melodies. Not to mention street musicians, which you can meet almost every day.

8. Lemon gardens and the real Limoncello

Traveling along the coast, you from time to time will fall into the lemon gardens, stretching along the whole Amalfi. They give incredible aromas to all guests and generous fruits to their owners, who, in turn, create from them the main drink of the coast – the famous limoncello liqueur. To taste and buy a couple of bottles with you is something that all lovers of this drink should definitely do. And in the summer you have a chance to get to one of the numerous lemon festivals in Amalfi.

9. Vesuvius and Pompeii

In the immediate vicinity of the Amalfi coast, on the road from Naples, there is an opportunity to see at once two important places for Italy: Vesuvius is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and Pompeii is a city that became a victim of the volcano and turned into a legend.10 Reasons To Spend A Vacation On The Amalfi Coast

From Naples (as well as from the cities of the coast) you have the opportunity to get to the National Park “Vesuvius” and to climb the only active volcano in Europe. Of course, the most fascinating sight for travelers is its crater, which periodically spews smoke. But the climbing along the volcano’s tracks and its peak with incredible panoramas will please you.

Pompeii was once a great Roman city, today it is a unique open-air museum. Every year to look at its ruins, thousands of tourists come to walk along the streets and squares. The Amphitheater, the Great Palestrina, the Forum, Lupanar, the Temple of Apollo, the House of the Faun, the Stabiev Termas and dozens of other UNESCO World Heritage Sites can “steal” half your day, and maybe more.

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10. Active rest

Fans of outdoor activities should not worry that on the coast, except how to lie on the beach and walk and view the ancient sights, there is nothing else to do. Here you will find diving, boat trips, sailing, tennis courts, horseback riding… And how many opportunities for hiking! Hundreds of trails on the slopes of the coast, along with towns, forests and groves offer incredible views of Amalfi.

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