5 Spectacular Viewpoints

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona (United States)

Whether for the majesty of the landscape or because it is the only way to have certain views, lookouts are man’s works in relation to nature. They allow us to glimpse how big our planet is … and how small we are! In this article you will know the most spectacular viewpoints in the world. Not recommended for those with vertigo!

Fingers (Austria)Viewpoints that cut the breath

1. Fingers (Austria)

Do you want to know why this lookout is called? Basically because of the shape of the pallets, as if it was a great hand. You can choose any of the 5 fingers and enjoy the scenery.

It is an impressive building at 2100 meters high, which, however, is almost in the background for the views we can see from there. Nothing more and nothing less than the whole set of mountains that form the Alps.

The platform is suspended over a free fall of 400 meters and each finger extends about 4 meters over the cliff. Each of them has a different characteristic:

Stegastein (Norway)2. Stegastein (Norway)

Austrians and Norwegians could join hands in this to build viewpoints! It is that their beautiful countries facilitate it. In the case of Stegastein, it is located in Aurland and was built in 2006 by two local architects: Tommie Wilhelmsen and Todd Saunders.

It looks like a bridge that ends in the void … If you see it from the side is like a giant slide … They recently had to place a transparent screen to avoid accidents and also suicides.

 Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona (United States)3. Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona (United States)

It is formed by a clear glass walkway of 1220 meters and allows you to not only see the famous Grand Canyon of Colorado, but also the Colorado River at its feet. Open since 2007, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year and offers us spectacular views of the gorges more than 200 meters from the ground.

It also offers a museum, a restaurant and even a cinema. Its construction has been very controversial in relation to the damages for the environment and has generated problems with the Hualapai tribe who have requested its demotion.

Ornesvingen (Norway)4. Ornesvingen (Norway)

It is located, more precisely, in the area of Geiranger, the most touristy of this Nordic country. The regional population barely exceeds 200 inhabitants … And visitors can reach 600,000 a year! Undoubtedly a revolution for the people.

But returning to the lookout point, it has been rebuilt to give it a more modern and safe touch since it has been used by travelers for several years. Those who took walks on foot usually chose this place to rest and above all enjoy the views.

You can glimpse the majestic  Geirangerfjord , a 15-kilometer-long fjord and from where the “seven sisters and the pretender” emerge, 8 waterfalls that give life to a beautiful legend.

Top of Tyrol (Austria)5. Top of Tyrol (Austria)

It is a platform located at 3,165 meters high, more precisely on the Stubai Glacier. It stands out from the mountain by steel beams of almost 10 meters in length … in the air! Because the gazebo is placed on the rock, you cannot access it half the year. It’s as if it disappears!

Almost all the pieces that were used to construct the platform were transported there by helicopter. Altogether 20 tons of metal have been used. If you want to go to Top of Tyrol you can enjoy an incredible view of 109 mountain peaks over 3,000 meters.

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If you do not fear the heights or you think you can withstand the vertigo to enjoy the most wonderful views of the world, do not hesitate to know these incredible viewpoints.

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