6 Places With The Most Incredible Sunsets

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

 There is nothing more special and romantic than watching a sunset and, if we also do it from a place full of natural beauty, it is an unforgettable experience. As every corner of our planet is filled with the most spectacular natural landscapes, today we bring you a small selection of those sites that are listed as the best to see sunsets.

The most romantic sunsets in the world

Santorini, GreeceSantorini, Greece

For anyone it is a secret that Greece is one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world, especially the magnificent Santorini archipelago. Santorini is the perfect blend between the beauty of the intense turquoise blue sea, the fine white sand and the rich history of the country . History that is perfectly preserved in each small cobbled street and in its typical white houses.

In addition to the natural and historical beauty of Santorini, the atmosphere of this corner is responsible for giving you that special touch that you may not find anywhere else. There is nothing like watching the sunset with your partner in one of the many cafes found on these mythical Greek islands. There you can revel in an explosion of orange gradient colors that merge with the crystalline sea. A whole experience that you cannot miss.

Taj Mahal, IndiaTaj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is the largest posthumous monument of love ever built in the world . King Shah Jahan was plunged into utter sadness after his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal died when he gave birth to his fourteenth son. Desolate, the king decided to build the greatest mausoleum in history and thus honor his great love.

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No wonder the Taj Mahal is on this list, this building is one of the most impressive in the world. This imposing mausoleum is one of the most photographed, and is that the solemn and imposing structure is unique in its style. Watching the sunsets in such a beautiful place, which is also marked by a beautiful love story, has no comparison.

The Grand Canyon, United StatesThe Grand Canyon, United States

Sunset at the Grand Canyon , located in Arizona, is able to take the breath to anyone. In itself is a natural landscape simply stunning, but when the sun sets the grandeur of the place seems greater thanks to a fusion of colors  between the intense blue sky, orange gradient and the gigantic rock formations of this famous canyon.

The most beautiful sunsets


Fiji is one of the favorite destinations for couples to celebrate their honeymoon. The place is an authentic natural spectacle of beautiful beaches and very white sand. If we add to this the most intimate and romantic hotel complexes in the world, the result is one of the best places to spend a wonderful couple days, of course delighting in the most amazing sunsets.

Los Roques, VenezuelaLos Roques, Venezuela

This archipelago located in Venezuela is composed of a group of islands, each one more spectacular than the other. Not in vain its beaches are listed among the best in the world, and of course the sunsets here are simply breathtaking.

The tourist industry is underdeveloped in the place, so it could be considered one of the best places to be in contact with nature and just relax. Finding yourself in such a place is an unforgettable experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaMount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous mountains in the world. Located in Tanzania, Africa, the beauty of this natural setting is unparalleled. The mountain, formed by three inactive volcanoes, has become one of the most famous and photographed places in the world, especially its sunsets.

The sunsets of Mount Kilimanjaro are one of the most beautiful shows in the world. Here the colors fuse with the wild life and with this impressive mountain that rises presumptuous on the flat geography of the place.

These are just 6 of the thousands of spectacular sites that our world has and from which it is a real pleasure to watch the sunset. Which of these places would you like to visit to observe an unforgettable sunset?

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