Are there age restrictions when hiring a car?

There are many questions facing you when hiring a car, such as whether you need insurance or to refill the tank before returning the car, whether other people can drive the hire car, and whether your age prevents you from hiring a car. Let’s take a look at the latter.

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Are you old enough to hire a car?

Many people who have been driving for years will naturally assume they are eligible based on their age, so it may come as a surprise that many car hire companies expect you to be older than 21 and to have been driving for at least a year.

It doesn’t end there, as 21 is actually the lower end of the minimum age limits for rentals. Under 25 is a common cut-off; what’s more, for premium services, you may even need to be over 30 to be considered.

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Are you too old to hire a car?

At the other end of the spectrum, older people may also be excluded from car rental services. This typically isn’t a problem unless you are over 75 years old, although some hire firms may consider 70 to be too old for their services. Information on general age limits for driving can be found here.

These limits are typically in place to minimise risks such as collisions or damage to the hiring firm’s cars; however, it is worth noting that insurance is included in car hire deals, and car hire excess insurance can be hugely beneficial for anything not covered in the firm’s policy. More information on many types of insurance is available from specialists such as

It is worth noting that there will be exceptions at both ends for younger and older drivers, with many car hire companies being far more lenient with their age thresholds. Your best bet is to ensure you thoroughly research all your available options in advance to ensure your chosen hire company can accommodate your needs; otherwise, you may end up having to find a suitable alternative at very short notice.

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