Safety tips for recreational boaters

Many of us enjoy fishing, waterskiing, cruising, and relaxing on a boat, whether that’s a yacht, or another type of craft as the weather warms. Before you go out with your family and friends, make sure to read these safety tips.

Insist on life jackets
Around 80% of fatal accidents, victims drowned. Of these, 83% were not wearing any type of flotation device. Make sure that all crew, and any guests you have aboard wear life jackets that fit them properly. This will enable them to stay afloat, helping against hypothermia and providing the ability to keep their heads above water.

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Don’t consume alcohol while boating
Alcohol is the leading cause of fatal boating accidents. It accounts for approximately 15% each year. Keep your mind sharp by leaving alcohol at home.

Consider taking a course in boating safety
Only 13% (or fewer) of boating fatalities happened on boats whose operators had obtained a nationally recognised boating safety certificate. If you successfully complete a course, your insurance rates may be reduced. For a Day Skipper Course, visit

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Drop the mobile phone
Inattention is a common cause of boating accidents. As with driving without due care and attention on our roads, chatting, texting and other phone use while boating are a growing issue. Do not contribute to the problem. Keep an eye on what’s around you instead.

Follow all safety rules and navigational guidelines
Boating accidents are often caused by travelling too fast and a lack of attention. Follow the rules and regulations where you are boating. Be aware of the visibility, amount of traffic and how close you are to navigational dangers.

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