Seven reasons why I like to travel alone?

travel alone

You can travel in many ways: by car, motorcycle, bike or hitchhiking. It can take a long trip or several short, you can go to the best hotels the world backpacking, etc. And above all, you can travel alone or accompanied. While undoubtedly when traveling with someone of the trip are shared, today I want to give you seven reasons why you like to travel alone.

Traveling alone or accompanied often a contentious issue, especially if you talk to who has ever tasted. So I try to tell the aspects that concern a most people about the fact of traveling alone, and not having anyone to share the wonders that are visited, the potential danger of traveling alone or feeling of loneliness that can live in one of the stages of the journey. Nevertheless, I believe there are many more advantages than disadvantages.

travel alone
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1. Traveling alone you are never alone!

One of the reasons why many travelers prefer to travel alone is because most people know that if it is accompanied. Especially if you go in a group, it is very difficult for someone outside the group to get to know you. Instead being alone, if you’re not too shy you have thousands of people to meet.

At the airport, on the bus, in the hotel / hostel / camping in the tours or on a hiking trail, when traveling is uninhibited and relaxed, that is, receptive to more people. Knowing people can teach you many lessons, especially if traveling away, in countries with very different cultures; though of course, everyone has something to teach.

2. Traveling alone out of your comfort zone

When you travel alone and you cannot help anyone to meet your needs and do not know what to do in an unfamiliar place do not speak your language above, it’s natural to feel a sense of vertigo and loss of control. Well, this feeling, in many cases, is very healthy.

It helps many things: lose the shame, improve the mastery of other languages, learn to listen, learn to make decisions for yourself, learn to let go, learn to make mistakes and fix bugs, learn to trust yourself but not spend of trusted … not bad.

3. Traveling can just do whatever you please

This is the most obvious. Traveling alone gives an unquestionable independence. What today I do not feel like going to the museum ?, because I do not go to the museum; What now?, Because I’m hungry as; What I do not want to wake up early today ?, Because I do not waterless. The freedom to travel the fact can only be inconvenient if you do not you use some kind of discipline against laziness .Especially if you make long trips planned does not hurt a bit the next few days, but then plans to break or change.

4. Traveling just makes you be brave while prudent

The main drawback of traveling alone the danger involved do . Especially in countries outside Europe, where communication may be more difficult, and crime can be somewhat more common. Going it alone makes you more vulnerable to theft or kidnapping, even worse.

But this makes you braver. It is best to leave you advice by local people and give notice of where you are at the embassy. You can also cheat, and travel accompanied by fellow improvised trip, especially at this time when programs like Couchsurfing, or Bla make moving easier, cheaper and safer.

On the other hand, most of the time the danger of traveling abroad is a bit exaggerated. This does not mean there is no danger and that there not be prudent. Fear is a bad backpack that carried shoulder, not prudence. To know what is best to seek advice from the locals and think twice before acting. Bring copies of your passport, hide the money, not to attract too much attention, go to safe areas, etc.

5. Traveling can only be yourself

Often when traveling as a couple or with a friend, you cannot behave as you are at all times. Even unconsciously, social circles in which we move assign us some roles that sometimes it is hard to leave.

Traveling alone gives you that freedom. I remember perfectly when I started dancing traditional Irish dancing in a bar in Derry. Perhaps he had not dared me if I had not been alone. Traveling alone discover new facets of yourself and you remove others that were not entirely comfortable.

6. Traveling can only be alone

Loneliness is always seen as something bad, but it can be a positive feeling. If solitude is sought, travel can only be a good way to get it. Instead, when you plan your holiday traveling together, it will certainly be much more difficult to find time to be alone.

In a time when we are all connected by social networks, telephone and other communications, it is losing a little privacy of each. I do not mean it takes to go to another country to be alone, but traveling only offers a golden opportunity to disconnect for a while the world and be alone with yourself.

7. Traveling is just one of the best ways to yourself

Excuse me I get a little philosophical. The most comprehensive conclusion of this post is perhaps to travel alone opens a path to yourself. And it’s all what we have said before: solitude, freedom, learning to listen, get out of your comfort zone, leave your social roles, meet new people, gain confidence in yourself …

The search for self is a road that never ends, but traveling alone will forward a long way from that path. It offers you the chance to be alone with yourself, to listen and to know you better. After traveling, alone I always feel more refreshed and happy, more authentic and consistent, more confident and sincere. Now perhaps, after reading these seven reasons, you can understand why well as accompanied or family, I also like to travel alone.

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