The 10 Sexiest Cities In The World


Sensuality and romanticism breathes in the air of these amazing cities Would you like to know what the hottest cities in the world? Join us for this fascinating journey.

1. Paris

Surely when you think about romance and sensuality is Paris the first name that comes into your head.

The City of Lights exudes love everywhere : their old perfectly manicured fairways, the beautiful Eiffel Tower, small cafes with splendid views, language and even fame with Parisians to be the best lovers. If you are looking to experience the love that should be your next stop.

The 10 Sexiest Cities in the World
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2. New York

New York is one of those magnetic cities that you will love from the moment you meet her. On the one hand it is cosmopolitan and stressful and on the other it is the cradle of the sexy and avant-garde.

Some of the best nightspots find them in New York . Fall in love as you stroll through the famous Fifth Avenue or the famous Central Park . Delight in the impeccable style of New Yorkers and feel how the sensuality flows in this incredible city.

“Cities have sex: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual.”

Angela Carter-

New York
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3. Rome

It is no wonder that Rome is in this ranking, not in vain Italians have a reputation for being among the best lovers in the world . If you are looking for passion you are in the right place.

Get carried away by the fast pace of a city that perfectly combines history and modernity. Visit the best nightclubs and enjoy the exquisite cuisine of this wonderful city.

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4. Seville

Sevilla is not only one of the most impressive and beautiful cities in the world, but also is the sexiest of Spain .

Some surveys indicate that Sevilla is one of the cities in which more love is done . In addition, its spectacular and ancient architecture gives an incredibly romantic air. It is, in short, a city to love.

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5. Rio de Janeiro

If you have ever seen the famous carnivals of Rio then you know perfectly what we are talking about.

Brazilians are sensual in nature . Its beaches, colors and dances make this city one of the sexiest of our planet. Beautiful women, beautiful men, excellent nightlife and the best rhythm is what you can find when you visit Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro
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6. Tangier

In the northern tip of Morocco is Tangier, one of the most mysterious and sensual romantic cities in the world .

This society is divided between more open to love and a deep religious feeling mentality , the ingredients needed to find that sexy touch we are looking for .

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7. Buenos Aires

Argentina is home to one of the sexiest dances of our planet: tango . Wherever you go you will find romantic couples dancing and demonstrating why Buenos Aires is on this list. A city that, moreover, preserves the architecture and glamor of the old Europe

 Buenos Aires
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8. St. Petersburg

The nightlife of this city is one of the best in Russia. The number of bars and clubs put her among the top sensual posts on our list.

The city has an added incentive, the famous Erotic Museum . A must stop for those who want to explore more their sensuality and eroticism.

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9. Berlin

In Berlin you will find numerous bars where unbridled passion makes yours. Although some people may believe that Germans tend to be a bit cold, once you know them comes out their wildest side.

In addition, also you can have fun with some of the many activities dedicated to love and sex that are made in this city, such as the Love Parade .

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10. Istanbul

Love, romance and sensuality flow through the air in Istanbul. Turkey’s largest metropolis is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Its impressive architecture and the sublime of its artistic nature merge to create a wonderful and more than suggestive atmosphere

If you are looking for your next trip an extra dose of passion and sensuality visit one of these cities . Not only will you fall in love with its history and its monuments, but also with its culture, for some reason they are considered the sexiest cities in the world Which of them is your favorite?

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