The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In Spain

The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In Spain

Due to its monarchical history, Spain counts on its own with beautiful castles, forts and palaces. We selected three of the most beautiful castles Spain . Know where they are located, their architectural features and history. Surely you include some in your next travel plans.

1. Castillo de Vélez Blanco, Almería

This imposing castle, one of the most beautiful in Spain, is nestled high in the Andalusian village that bears the same name. He stood on the remains of an Islamic fortress from where all the surroundings were controlled.

Velez Blanco castle was built between 1506 and 1515 by order of Pedro Fajardo, Marquess of the Vélez appointed by the Catholic Monarchs.

It is a fortress with touches of Gothic and Renaissance , although its appearance is that of an imposing military fortress. It has a hexagonal plant built on the rock and its polygonal bastions in the corners prevented blind spots in the field of fire.

Its interior salons are beautiful exponents of the style of the first Spanish Renaissance. Patio of Honor stands, an exquisite work built in white marble , with a pure Renaissance style and elaborate decoration. But this work was dismantled stone by stone and today is exhibited to thousands of kilometers away in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York .

This castle is considered as of cultural interest. You can visit from Wednesday to Sunday, although times depend on the season.

The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In Spain
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2. Castle of Olite, Navarre

Its full name is the Royal Palace of the Kings of Navarre and Olite and is one of the most charming fortresses in Spain. It is a castle with a very peculiar construction, some qualify it as a charming mess. This rating is due to the fact that there was no unified construction project, which resulted in many works of expansion and renovation during the centuries after its construction.

The Castle of Olite was constructed in its greater mars between centuries XII and XIV, being this the seat of the court of the Kingdom of Navarre. It has wonderful rooms, pits and a significant amount of story towers , with their silhouettes, give an aspect of magical showmanship to this castle.

Already in the fifteenth century an unknown traveler marveled at its beauty and embodied in words what I felt on seeing this magnificent castle:

“The herald made me see the palace, I am sure that there is no king who has a palace or a castle more beautiful … you could not even say how magnificent and sumptuous the palace is.”

During the War of Spanish independence in 1813, he suffered a major fire which damaged much your state. In 1937 he began to be restored, thanks to the castle regained much of its beauty and splendor.

You can visit any day of the week , although the time depends on the month.

The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In Spain
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3. The Alcazar of Segovia

The image of the Alcázar has traveled the world and has become the icon of the castles of fairy tales. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Spain, built amalgamating the architectural tastes of different monarchs.

The castle stands on the rock protecting the city . It is located in the valleys of the Eresma and Clamores and, despite its beauty , is the characteristic feature of the kings of Castile, a sober austerity.

The Alcazar, a courtesan fortress was built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries . Of its exterior stands out the patio integrated by the Tower of the Homage and drawbridge. From its inner part we can mention the rooms of the Galera, the Pilas, the Kings, the Throne, and the Chimney, among others.

Do not forget to climb to the top of the Tower of Juan II , the views of the city from it are truly spectacular. Of course, you’ll need to be in shape, there are 152 steps down a narrow spiral staircase.

A fantastic building that you can visit every day. It is so incredible that there is a legend that says the Alcázar served as inspiration to Walt Disney for the scenes of some of his films. Moreover, it was used as a backdrop in the film Mr. Arkadin Orson Welles.

There are three wonderful castles , although it is only a small sample of the wonderful and beautiful fortifications found throughout the Spanish territory.

The 3 Most Beautiful Castles In Spain
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