The 5 most beautiful Portugal cities

Portugal is the nation that faces the Atlantic Ocean with the westernmost outpost of Europe, Cabo de Roca, and which, through the words of the poet Luis Vaz de Camoes, reminds us of a very simple thing: ” Here … where the land ends and the sea begins “.

Here, exactly here, we find a frontier land, of natural wonders, of mestizo architectures, of open people and, just like its landscape, pushed towards the mystery of the Ocean and fueled by the great passion, by its Saudade, for its own country. Portugal knows how to be gentle and rough at the same time, knows how to be cosmopolitan and traditional, and its rhythm adapts to all those who cross its borders and immediately love it unconditionally. Here are the 5 most beautiful and important Portugal cities!

1 – Lisbon

Lisbon Belem lower Lisbon is a wonderful synthesis of a metropolis and therefore a crossroads of cultures, with its 500,000 inhabitants, the nerve center for the most important sectors such as the economic, financial, commercial and tourist sectors: the main city of Portugal and its capital, headquarters of the life of all over the country, and definitely an excellent starting point to introduce yourself in the best way to the most authentic Portuguese and European life.

Lisbon recalls our Rome in an “oceanic” version, as it stands on 7 hills and winds along the Tagus River: overlooking the sea, it enjoys a truly pleasant climate, with mild winters and hot summers, but always very well ventilated.

Best time: Lisbon can be visited all year round due to its mild climate, even during the middle of winter and hot summers, due to the gentle ventilation that is maintained in all seasons.

Main attractions: Belem Tower, Sao George Castle, Praça Marques de Pombal, Cristo Rei, the typical neighborhoods of Lisbon, especially the oldest, Alfama, where you can get lost to the rhythm of Fado, nostalgic music Portuguese.

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2 – Porto

PortoPorto (or Oporto ) with its 200,000 inhabitants is the capital of the so-called ” Norte ” region, overlooking the Atlantic and the Douro River. Always in competition with the capital Lisbon on the economic side (for this reason it is also called the Capital of the North, as it is highly industrialized and home to the main Portuguese companies), Porto has a vast heritage of medieval and Renaissance works of art and the Ribeira declared a World Heritage Site.

The fine wine to which it gives its name is exported and tasted all over the world from here. City of bridges, churches, magnificent urban guards, monuments scattered throughout the historic center, and museums, Porto is certainly a fundamental stop to visit to understand the Portuguese reality.

Best time: Porto has a mild climate, with more rainfall than Lisbon: the best time to avoid rainfall is certainly between June and September when even hot summers are still mild by the constant wind.

Main attractions: Museu do Vinho do Porto, the Sé do Porto Cathedral, the Ribeira District, the Tower of the Clerics, the Stock Exchange Palace.

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3 – Lighthouse

lighthouse Portugal photo of SA³nia Lopes. The small town of Faro, with its 58,000 inhabitants, is located on the extreme southern tip of Portugal, between a lagoon and the ocean, with its well-known fishing port and its being one of the main areas of the tourist region of the Algarve. It has a protected area of ​​140 hectares, the Parque Natural del Ria Formosa, consisting of a varied lagoon ecosystem and sands, constantly modified by the ocean action. Churches and museums in the magnificent Cidade Velha (Old Town) frame this southern town, which, between art and nature, is on the list of unmissable places in Portugal.

Best time: certainly Spring, between April and May, when the heat is still moderate and a light refreshing breeze blows in the evening. For a beach-only holiday, better from mid-June to mid-September, when the sun shines more strongly and the sea is certainly warmer than the rest of the year.

Main attractions: the Cathedral of the Se, the Ciudade Velha, the Parque Natural de Ria Formosa.

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4 – Coimbra

Coimbra Coimbra, in the central part of Portugal, is the capital of the homonymous district, 150 thousand inhabitants, and crossed by the Mondego River. It is a fundamental city for the cultural life of the country, as it hosts one of the oldest universities in Europe, with thousands of students who come from all over the country, making it the first and true university center of excellence in Portugal. A city halfway between Lisbon and Porto, it has always been an important commercial hub, and of great historical importance, with its narrow and cobbled streets, with medieval stairways and arches. A small cultural, architectural, and commercial jewel.

Best time: from April to October, when rainfall is minimal and the climate is really mild.

Main attractions: the ancient Upper and Sofia University with the Joanina Library, Arches of the Botanical Garden, the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, Almedina Gate and Tower.

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5 – Fatima

Fatima square probably the name of the city “Fatima” already knows how to recall information well known to most of us: the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima undoubtedly identifies this town of 12 thousand inhabitants in the central area, since it is known at international for being one of the most important Marian centers, linked precisely to the apparition of the Madonna to the three little shepherd children, back in 1917. It also has two important monasteries: the Cistercian Alcobaça and the Templar Tomar.

Best period: being an important Marian center, probably the best period falls between May and October when pilgrimages are more frequent.

Main attractions: the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, the Alcobaça, and Tomar Monasteries.

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