Top ways to take care of your new business website

So, you’ve built a new website and it’s looking great. But what do you do now to invest in it and keep it looking strong? These tips will keep your new asset working hard.
1. Index the site

If your website has been set up, it still needs to be indexed by Google. So, submit a sitemap to help its SERPS and when you create a new page, also request an index for these pages. If you just wait for Google to naturally pick up your new site, you could wait for months.

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2. Set up Analytics

Google Analytics will tell you what your website is doing in the world, so set it up and dive into those analytics. Data is the first step to optimising your site over time. Agencies specialising in web design Surrey, such as, use analytics to see where pages can be redesigned and developed to maximise conversions.

3. Update your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool and it really helps with local searches. Keep yours updated so Google knows who to send your way.

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4. Ask for reviews

Google reviews are a hugely powerful SEO and marketing tool, so keep requesting plenty of reviews from your customers and reply whenever possible. When a customer gives a poor review, show that you have responded and are dealing with it.

5. Update your content

Creating a new website is only half of the journey. You also need to keep investing in fresh, relevant content with plenty of keywords so that Google keeps indexing you favourably. Add a blog, keep refreshing your content, repurpose content across channels and have a regular content schedule.

Together these steps will help your website grow and achieve success!

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