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This weekend has been the wedding of Chelsea Clinton and lack of princesses; this is the closest thing to a real wedding for Americans. The only daughter of Bill and Hilary Clinton chose a lovely Vera Wang design with a strapless neckline and body draped in tulle, adorned at the waist with rhinestone embroidery. Her hair was collected in a classic bow and the typical veil of “stiff” tulle, which unfortunately is not missing in any American wedding. Verdict: the dress is wonderful and together goes mona, considering that the girl has little raw material.

And since we are with the wedding, we are going to make a review to the brides of the year. Vote in the poll on the right!

The explosive Megan Fox left her more sensual side at home to give the yes I want to Brian Austin Green, (Who was going to tell poor David of Sensation to Live, which was the beauty of Donna, who was going to end up married to one of the most desired women on the planet). The actress was glowing with a simple dress with heart neckline and a bouquet of white flowers. The only “but” are the bikini marks! Megan, it’s time to sign up for the bandeau bikini fashion. Verdict: beautiful, without going anything recharged.

Wedding At WeddingLorena Bernal was married a year late. Former Miss Spain had to postpone her marriage to footballer Mikel Arteta because the date coincided with the arrival of her first child. The dress signed by Rosa Clara did not finish fitting with her: too stale for a girl so young and on top did not sit well, attention to wrinkle under his chest! Are my things or the last covers of Hola have been the scholars who have stayed on duty this summer? Verdict: for how cute this girl is, had the most beautiful eyes of Spain until Carbonero came, did not shine too.

Wedding At WeddingAnd here we have the second dress. With the excuse of being more comfortable for the dance the famous ones have found the perfect formula to be well with everybody. In this way they can go to greet the press without bursting the Hola exclusive. The dress is more youthful than the official but it does not tell me anything either.

Wedding At WeddingNuria Fergó married a few months ago also in Mallorca. Note girls, she is no longer married in the church where we made First Communion. The triumph said in an interview that she wanted to shine, not the dress, so chose a very simple design of Manuel Mota. Verdict: it is a dress that cannot fail, elegant and timeless. Too bad he did not wear it tight and he had to hold it at every step.

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And why did she change her dress if she was much prettier with the previous one? I guess it would be by the tail of the other model.

When I saw these photos I thought that Toni Cantó was still with one of the mothers of her three children. But ironies of life, the only one that has made him go through the altar has been this unknown, who at the moment has no child of his. Inma Cuesta chose a signature Yolancris dress with a scoop and many ruffles. Verdict: the dress is not my style, but it is not bad if we consider that it was an informal wedding in Ibiza. And what about the face of the boyfriend? I prefer not to think.

Actress Gemma Artenton also opted for the “less is more”. A champagne-colored wedding dress, a simple bow and a washed face effect make-up. Verdict: she is beautiful, but the color of the dress is killed with her skin tone.

Wedding At WeddingMaría Adánez has never been on the lists of the best dressed in Spain and we know the reason. Do not you feel that the bodice does not stick with the skirt? Verdict: I have no words to describe that hat…

Lara Stone: It is usually said that with a good hanger everything is worth. But here we have the exception that confirms the rule. As much Givenchy that signs the dress, of medieval style porno, is a true astonishment. Verdict: they say that the model cost 30,000 dollars, I would have paid for not wearing it!

And here we have the wedding of the year, that of Victoria of Sweden and her plebeian boyfriend. Gafa paste Verdict: the dress is perfect for her, correct without falling into the boring. And the mantilla is wonderful.

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Mena Savarin, the lolita of American Beauty, has grown older. Well some time ago, because with 31 years already celebrates his second marriage. The actress trusted Alice Olivia to design the most important dress of her life. Verdict: the suit feels like a glove and the skirt reminds me of the designs with Marchesa rosettes. But again the veil spoils the whole.

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