6 tips to organizing a wedding from home is possible!

organizing a wedding

Has the quarantine put your wedding on stand-by too? Don’t worry, here are 6 tips to help you get ahead with the organization!

Even weddings could only fall victim to this climate of uncertainty, however, if you think that quarantine could jeopardize the most romantic day of your life, it is your turn to change your mind. What are initially perceived as obstacles can later prove to be opportunities. Thanks to the magic world of the Internet, you can organize everything from home and you just have to take advantage of the free time excess to do it calmly. About this, let yourself be inspired by our advice, with which you can transform yourself into your personal wedding planner!

1. Get inspired!

Take advantage of this stalemate to enrich your wedding archive. Wedding dresses, hairstyles, bouquets of flowers and favors, browse the Internet to explore the many possibilities and trends that this tool offers you and let yourself be inspired by the variety of content available on Pinterest. Create a scheme in which to gather all the ideas you like most and always compare with your partner to evaluate all the options and, therefore, take the final decision. Remember, in fact, that the wedding is your special day and, as such, should be organized in four hands!

2. Complete the guest list!

The time has come to dedicate yourself to counting guests. Who is desired and who, unfortunately, is not, in short, either inside or outside. The verdict can no longer be postponed and, firmly, it is up to sorting. Once the definitive list of guests has been drawn up, you just have to give a check to the list of addresses and think of an original way to achieve your personalized participation; why not a nice video message? Simple, immediate and at no cost!

3. Manage everything online!

Can’t you go personally to appointments? But there is no problem at all! You can solve everything with a call or, better, a video call. Open the computer, grab the smartphone, turn on the tablet, in short, take advantage of the technological devices at your disposal to carry on with the preparations. Regarding catering, wedding dress or favors, do not hesitate to ask for quotes online, many suppliers, in fact, continue to operate even in quarantine. In the digital age, life goes on despite everything!

4. Do-it-yourself decorations!

Look at the positive sides of this quarantine: you may discover that you have natural qualities for manual activities and exploit them in the creation of handmade decorations for your wedding. Placeholders creative, favors original, floral arrangements, all made by your skilled hands. On the internet you will find a myriad of tutorials to rely on and to take inspiration from. So what are you waiting for? A practical and fun solution to save money and spend time profitably. Plus, you’ll have given your ceremony a personal touch!

5. Think about the location!

After the wedding dress, the location occupies the second place in the list of priorities. Unfortunately, it is not among the needs that justify you to leave the house, however, there is no need to despair because, once again, the Internet runs to our rescue. Many farmhouses, villas and restaurants have, in fact, updated websites where it is possible to make virtual tours of the structure. With a little imagination, this solution will teleport you to the location and you will have the feeling of being there, choosing where to celebrate your love.

6. Enrich the wedding list!

And after duty, pleasure comes, you know. Take the opportunity to evaluate together with your partner what to put on your wedding list. Take into account your desires, but also your needs. Take all the time you need to think carefully, many of these gifts will keep you company for the duration of your wedding, so – we hope – forever!

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