Second Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes Montes

Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes Montes

Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes Montes

The expected religious wedding of Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montes is already a reality. Yesterday the couple contracted marriage in the Chapel of the Mariners of Seville. Seat of the Hope of Triana in Seville.

At around 7:00 pm, Fran Rivera arrived, once again with his daughter Cayetana as godmother. She was spectacular in a long, asymmetric dress, and red by Roberto Diz. Perhaps a model not very young for her age but beautiful. He looked great (he overshadowed the girlfriend of Pippa Middleton). Very thin with large slopes and collected with stripe in the middle and braids on the sides. Fran Rivera very handsome with blue chaquet, the same of the civil wedding but without a hat, and with a different tie, this time one that his mother-in-law gave him and which for my taste is horrible.

Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes MontesRivera and Lourdes Montes

Minutes later he discovered the dress of the bride, Lourdes Montes, who did not like anything for what I read on the networks, and what I join. The dress was a design for the brand new signature of the bride and her sister, Analilen, who pretended to be romantic and vintage, and who stayed, for my taste, in a wedding dress that seemed of poor quality, he marked his ombigo, he came out wrinkled from the car, the soft pink color was not appreciated, so it looked like an unclean white.

Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes MontesI think Lourdes did a disservice to his signature, since it could have been the launching of the same wonderful, his official presentation would have to have been spectacular, and was far below what was expected by all do not you think? I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Wedding Of Fran Rivera And Lourdes Montes

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