The Diary Of The Bride

The Diary Of The Bride

Diary Of The Bride

Diary Of The Bride? Lara and Laura are the two girls in charge of having written ‘ The Diary of the Bride ‘, the mimas that are behind the blog Petite Mafalda, and of many beautiful weddings as wedding planners.

The Diary of the Bride is a book in which every bride who begins to organize your wedding will find the tips and ideas necessary to have a wedding 10. So if you are in full preparations take note because this book is going to come from pearls.

The book is divided into two different parts, in the first part you will find the steps of everything you have to do during the months of preparation for the wedding, as well as managing the nerves and stress that in some cases you can find.The Diary Of The Bride

In the second part of this special daily you will have a free space so that you can point your addresses, ideas, budgets, phones, appointments. So that in the organization of your wedding everything is ordered.

The bride’s diary is an ideal size to accompany you every day in your preparations and you can keep it in your purse, as Petite Mafalda has been organizing weddings for a long time. She knows how important it is to have a notebook with these characteristics.

If you have a future marriageable friend, it is an ideal gift that I am sure you will love. Here you can buy it online!

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