Why Use Storage Bins in Your Warehouse?

Unless you have a well-thought out system, a warehouse can become at best disorganised and at worst chaotic. Stock could be missed in a count or simply unable to be located when needed, plus man hours could be wasted if staff are finding it tricky to access what they need. Storage bins are one of the most simple and obvious answers around. They are durable, low cost and versatile. Read on for how to make the most from storage bins.


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It’s easy to be organised with storage bins, as you have two options. The first is by numbering them using a combination of numbers and letters. The other is to organise boxes according to colour. Boxes come in all sorts of colours and you could use a system whereby different branded products go in different colours, or perhaps a system whereby stock to be stored goes in one colour, stock on its way out goes in another and stock that is being held goes in another. Good storage organisation is also a key aspect of warehouse safety.


Storage bins are incredibly durable. They can even be purchased in a number of different materials but are usually made in polypropylene, which can withstand both hot and cold temperatures as well as a lot of moving about.


Storage bins normally have an open top and can be stacked on top of one another or stacked using bin racks. They are extremely easy for staff to move around and take items from. Small items that are regularly needed can be kept at a low level where they can be accessed from smaller storage bins. Large items that are taken down from shelves less often can be placed higher and in larger storage bins. When you buy your storage bins you will also be asking www.rackzone.ie/bin-racks? Ireland bin racks and storage bins can normally be purchased from the same supplier.

Storage bins could save a lot of wasted time in your warehouse as well as keeping things tidy. When you have a robust storage bin system, there’s no need to find stock lying about on the floor or simply in a place it shouldn’t be. It also means items are far easier to find when you need them.

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