Wi-Fi Radiation: Is It Dangerous?

Since the Internet came into our lives we have gone through many changes and for some time we have studied the repercussion that the electromagnetic waves of Wi-Fi, mobile phones or other devices may have on our health. Is Wi-Fi radiation harmful to health?

Wi-Fi is a way for various wireless devices to communicate with each other. The word wifi comes from the English wireless fidelity (“wireless fidelity”) and refers to a type of wireless network called wireless local area network or “wireless local network”.

Basically, it works in a certain area and allows several devices such as a computer, a mobile phone, a printer or a television to communicate with each other without cables and transmit data. The installation is cheap and simple and has the great advantage of allowing mobility.

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Studies on Wi-Fi RadiationWi-Fi Radiation Is It Dangerous?

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Radiofrequency and Health (CCARS) produced a report in which, after a review of 350 studies on the subject, concluded that there is no scientific evidence that there is a relationship between cancer brain and the use of mobile phones.

The study reviews the effects on health that have been attributed to mobiles and Wi-Fi and also analyzes the information from various scientific publications that came to light between 2013 and 2016. In general, the report argues that the radiation to which we are submitted is very low, about 0.6 microwatts, so it does not endanger health.

Is Wi-Fi Radiation allergy possible?

For a while, we have been talking about hypersensitivity to Wi-fi radiation. In fact,  a person got the High Court of Justice of Madrid granted him the disability for suffering from this ailment.Wi-Fi Radiation Is It Dangerous?

On the other hand, a study was conducted on 72 people: 36 of them said they were electrosensitive and manifested symptoms such as tiredness, vertigo or nausea, which, they said, were derived from wifi systems, computers, and mobile phones. The other 36 people did not have any ailments.

The Hungarian scientist Zsuzsanna Dömötör asked the participants to describe their sensations when subjected to an electromagnetic field but did not subject them to anything. However, although there was no change, electro-sensitive people had symptoms without any cause.

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This is one of the studies that was analyzed in the CCARS report and shows how electro-sensitive people cannot detect when they are subjected to radiation. The symptoms are real, but the cause is not electromagnetic waves but may be other psychiatric diseases or stress. In fact, this syndrome of hypersensitivity to Wi-Fi is not recognized in the WHO International Classification of Diseases (World Health Organization).

In any case, the most important thing is to make responsible use of the mobile, the computer and other devices. Most of the symptoms that are attributed to Wi-Fi usually result from fatigue from work, anxiety or a simple cold.

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