Who is Luke Eisner, Stig in Tall Girl: age, Instagram, movies and TV series

Who is Luke Eisner, currently Stig in Netflix’s romantic comedy Tall Girl: biography, movies, private life, Instagram, and trivia.


Some of you are probably wondering now that  Netflix has released the trailer for its next movie. In fact, in mid-September, a new romantic comedy that sees him among the protagonist’s debuts on the platform:  Tall Girl.  Luke plays Stig. Despite having had other roles, this is certainly the most important one for the young man. Let’s find out all the curiosities about Luke Eisner, from biography to private life,  to his social profiles.

Who is Luke Eisner: biography, age, and heightWho is Luke Eisner

Born in Wisconsin in 1999, Luke Eisner is a 20-year-old American model, musician, and actor. His career includes photo shoots, advertising campaigns, and fashion shows for international brands such as Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, H&M, Revolve, and Stuart Weitzman. At the moment she is part of an important fashion agency, IMG Models. He is blond, with blue eyes, and reaches 188 cm in height, all characteristics that make him perfect for the career he has decided to undertake.


Luke Eisner Instagram

In addition to fashion, Luke is also dedicated to music. He is part of a pop/rock duo called VOILA, together with Gus Ross. In March 2019 the video clip of their single Don’t was released, which you can find on the mainstreaming on-demand services, such as Spotify. Furthermore, at the beginning of September 2019, the band released another song, entitled Mamacita. More recently he has also started to devote himself to acting, appearing for the first time in an episode of the TV series The Goldbergs, which aired on February 13, 2019. To his work as a model, musician and actor are added a passion for diving, which has been farming since he was 12 years old.

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Where to follow Luke Eisner: Instagram and social

Luke Eisner is not extremely active on social media, although he is subscribed to both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The first two platforms are private, but judging from the profile photo, he hasn’t used them since at least 2014. He is a little more present on the photo social network. The model opened its profile, verified to date, in 2015, but does not update it too frequently. There are only 60 posts. Over the years she has gained a mediocre following, which will most likely increase thanks to her role in the Netflix Tall Girl romcom. The numbers are around  18 thousand followers.

His profile consists mainly of professional shots. There are, however, photos that fully express the passion for music and the deep love for Cracker, his dog, who passed away in 2017, after twelve years together.

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Private life: are you single or do you have a girlfriend?Who is Luke Eisner

Of the private life of Luke Eisner, we know virtually nothing. We can’t say for sure if he’s single or has a girlfriend. There aren’t even past stories. From the limited use he makes of social media, he is probably very reserved. Maybe we might know a little more after Tall Girl’s release when the focus is more on him.

Who is Luke Eisner: movies, TV series and the role of Stig in Tall GirlWho is Luke Eisner

As mentioned at the beginning,  Luke Eisner only started acting in 2019, with a small part in the TV series The Goldbergs. In this role, was followed by a few clear, both for the cinema and for the television, among which in particular that of  Stig in the romantic comedy of Netflix Tall Girl. His character in the film is a young Swedish student, inserted in an exchange program, who ends up attending an American high school for a while, where he meets 16-year-old Jodi.

In all, the  film  and TV work that Luke Eisner has been a part of  includes:

  • The Goldbergs  (TV series – 1 episode, 2019)
  • The McKellan family (TV series – 1 episode, 2019)
  • Timeline (TV series, 2019)
  • Tall Girl (movie, 2019)

From  September 13, we can see  Luke Eisner take on the role of  Stig in the new  Netflix movie Tall Girl. Also, soon we can find him in the Tiger Within movie.

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