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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.

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Jean Muggli Biography, Age, Wiki, Dating, Net Worth

Jean Muggli was prominently known as the ex of Michael Strahan, a resigned football player.

Muggli was conceived on the 30th of November 1965 in the North Dakota United States to the American guardians. Starting at 2019, she is 54 years of age with a zodiac sign Scorpio. She has not given any data with respect to her folks. Jean Muggli grew up with her sister Denise Muggli. Jean holds an American nationality and has a place with the white ethnicity

While insights regarding her folks stay misty, it accepted that Jean and her sister had ordinary adolescence. Nonetheless, there are unverified gossipy tidbits that she has been battling with anorexia since youth. With respect to instruction, Jean Muggli went to an elementary school in New York City and no additional data about her instructive capability.

Jean Muggli is a lady who is astonishing and lovely. She remains on the stature of 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 53 kg. She has light blue eyes shading and rosy hair shading.

Jean Muggli Net worth

Jean Muggli’s Career

Jean Muggli turned into an astounding subject via web-based networking media as her charges surfaced in the media. Be that as it may, there isn’t a lot of data about Jean’s vocation in the spotlight. In any case, before she wedded Michael, she had an occupation in Manhattan in a healthy skin salon. Starting now and into the foreseeable future she carries on with a limited life and very little is thought about her present proficient status. Discussing her ex calling, Michael Strahan started his vocation at school, where he played for Texas Southern University. He at that point chose for the All-America First Team.

Later started his expert profession with the New York Giants. In 1992, he named as the First Team All-Southwestern Athletic Conference and SWAC Player of the Year for the second back to back year. Strahan additionally named as Black College Defensive Player of the Year. In his profession, Michael set a precedent for most sacks in a season in 2001. He likewise won a 2007 Super Bowl. In 2001, he resigned from football.

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What is Jean Muggli’s Net Worth and Salary?

Jean Muggli doesn’t have a particular activity, so her net worth yet not known. While the assessed net worth of her ex, Michael Strahan, he has a net worth of $65 million with a compensation of $17 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Muggli got $15 million with an extra $18,000 in kid recompense as a separation stipend, making the partition one of the most costly separations in sports history. As per her, she guaranteed that her girls might want to “dress with frill,” procuring $22,500 for photograph shoots, $27,000 for attire, and $1,700 for language instruction.

Afterward, Strahan spoke to the court to pay the greater part of his $22 million worth of benefits. Subsequently, in March 2007, the court sold the Montclair chateau in New Jersey for $3.6 million, and the business cash dispersed similarly to the couple.

Who is Jean Muggli Ex-husband?

Jean Muggli is separated, lady. Muggli wedded the previous protector Michael Strahan. The couple met without precedent for a spa in 1994 and inevitably began to look all starry eyed at. In 1999, the couple got married in a private function went to by their families and companions.

Muggli turned into Strahan’s second spouse after Wands Hutchins. Her ex has a little girl, Tanita Strahan (1992) and a child, Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr. (1995) from his first marriage.

Jean and couple Michael shares the twins Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan, who was conceived in 2004. By 2005, everything all together, as Muggli guaranteed Strahan took steps to beat her. She blamed her significant other for having compromised and beaten her. And furthermore having an unsanctioned romance with a few ladies. She additionally asserted that her better half wouldn’t lay down with her and quit thinking about her youngsters.

In the court paper, Muggli’s significant other asserted that she had deducted $ 3.3 million from their financial balance. Muggli included that her better half subtly recorded how her sister stripped while remaining in her home. She included that Strahan once beat her so viciously that her kidney harmed. After such a hopeless separation, Muggli kept her ex’s name for her youngsters.

Jean Muggli After Her Divorce

Muggli has been single since 2018 and thinks profoundly about her girls. After the separation, Muggli vanished from the spotlight while Strahan got drew into Nicole Mitchell, the ex of Eddie Murphy. In any case, the connection between the couple didn’t keep going long and isolated in 2014 because of the bustling calendar. In 2016, it was accounted for that Strahan started an association with Kayla Quick.

LaVar Ball Net Worth, Career and Family!

LaVar Ball is an American media personality, businessman, former NFL player and personal trainer. He played both football and basketball in high school and college, but ultimately decided to pursue a career in football. Unfortunately, his football career was interrupted abruptly due to an injury that led him to retire to become a personal trainer in California.

The Natural Beauty of Wood

The different contrasts of wood are what make hardwood trees very expensive. Two different wood blocks can be cut out from the same tree and have different textures and colors. Moreover, this is because, through the roots, the cell walls take in infiltrates, which are soluble, and bond them together with the lignin. Soil plays a huge factor in the tree’s visual appearance. The same species of tree has different appearances according to the region it is growing in. Engineered hardwood has different wood colors to choose from.

How to wash an electric blanket

By reading this tutorial you can have useful tips and correct indications on how you can wash an electric blanket, without taking it to the dry cleaners. The homemade washing of the electric blanket gives you the possibility to save a good amount of money. In fact, the prices that are required by the laundry product are often quite high, especially for the electric blankets to two squares. If the information given is followed, step by step, you can do a great job.

4 Ways To Feel More Positive and Connected With others

Are you due for an attitude readjustment? Are you finding it challenging to stay positive and to maintain positive connections with others? You’re in good company; many feel this way. The people who find the most success in this area are the ones who focus on gratitude, prioritize self-awareness, and are proactive about helping others. Here are several tips to move your attitude in a positive direction.

5 best beaches in Maine

The US state of Maine, on the east coast towards Canada, can have quite severe winters. This means that, somehow, locals and visitors will enjoy its beaches in the hot summer months even more than they would otherwise. Maine has a good tourist trade, despite competition from the hottest parts of the United States. Visitors are drawn to the enchanting natural environment, with wide-open spaces and vast woods.

Red makeup looks: Eye and Lip Makeup to match

Red is a color of timeless charm. Passionate, intense, romantic, seductive, it is a beloved shade in the world of fashion and beauty. The advantage of red? It knows no season and every person will be able to find the right shade based on the skin tone. This color is so loved that every year on February 5th, World Wear Red Day is celebrated by “wear something red”, which can be interpreted in two different ways: wear red make-up or combine make-up with a red dress.

Red make-up: focus on the lips

Let’s start with red lipstick, a must for the beauty case of all make-up enthusiasts. In choosing the right lipstick you have to pay close attention to the undertone of the skin: if it is cold, better opt for a red with a hint of blue, otherwise an orange or warm red is the right one for your lips. The red lipstick, however, must also be combined with the shade of the dress. If the dress is also red, the advice is to choose a color in the same shade. Here are a couple of examples. With a dress in shades of burgundy, a dark lipstick in the same shade is ideal. The same goes if the dress is orange-red: it is better to choose a lighter and warmer lipstick even if, among all the reds, it is the most difficult to wear. The reason? It gives a lot to people with colored and tanned skin or with naturally olive skin. Attention, then, to the teeth: orange tends to enhance the yellow unlike lipsticks with cold undertones.

Red-eye makeup

Not just lips: even on the eyes you can play with all the shades of red by choosing the right shade based on the color of the eyes. If, for example, you have brown or green irises, you can apply a bright red, while those with light blue eyes can try a plum or purplish color on the eyelids. Do you have red hair and light eyes? Go for a copper-red eyeshadow!

Make-up in natural shades

Do you love red dresses but prefer natural makeup? No problem! Choose between shades of nude or warmer browns, combining lip makeup with a geometric eyeliner – in the case of a dress with defined lines like the sheath dress – or with the classic tail, when the look is softer and more romantic. And if you don’t want to give up sophisticated make-up, the advice is to focus on darker smokey-eyes to make the eyes the protagonists of the make-up. Finally, to make the face base, choose a bright foundation and a cream blush in an orange shade if the dress is light red, in a cool pink shade when the dress is burgundy.

How to grow radishes in the vegetable garden

Radishes or radishes are vegetables of the cruciferous family, the root is cultivated because it provides the horticulturist with an excellent fresh vegetable, very suitable for consumption in salads.

It is a plant quite resistant to pest attacks, with a short crop cycle (generally around 30 days).

It can therefore be excellent to grow in the family garden with gradual sowing to always be provided with vegetables to harvest and eat.

Ideal soil and climate for cultivation

Climate. The climate must not be too hot, the radish likes a good sun exposure but a temperate or cool climate.

Type of terrain. The radish plant requires loose, draining soil, preferably calcareous. To grow it in vegetable gardens with compact and heavy soil, and must be added a couple of months before sowing.

Fertilization and processing of the vegetable garden. The soil must be well worked, reaching to dig deep, the fertilizer must be used in moderation, taking into account that an excess of nitrogen causes the growth of the aerial part of the plant, to the detriment of the root which is what interests the horticulturist.

Sowing period. Radishes can be sown from the beginning of spring to the end of summer, depending on the variety, a crop cycle of 30-40 days is taken into account, so it is possible to program sowing to harvest gradually depending on consumption.

How to sow. The radishes are sown directly in the ground, planting the seed in the garden about one centimeter deep.

A sixth of implant. Radish is generally grown in rows 20 cm apart, with distances of 4/5 cm between the seedlings. It can also be sown by broadcasting and then subsequently thinning out the plants.

How they are grown in the organic garden and when to harvest them

Thin out. It is a fairly quick plant to germinate, after about ten days the radish seedlings are thinned out so that each root finds its correct space. The distance to leave is at least 3 cm, if the variety has large roots it thins out to 5-6 cm between the plants.

Irrigation. Radish requires a constant and balanced amount of water: too much irrigation causes important foliar growth but with poor root development, the lack of water makes the root woody and spicy in flavor.

Weeding and hoeing. The garden bed dedicated to radishes must be kept clean from weeds with weeding. The earth must then be hoed periodically to aerate and soften the soil.

Collection. The radish is harvested about a month after sowing, the winter ones require a longer time, even two months. If the root remains in the ground for a long time, it hardens and becomes spicy.

Intercropping. The radish goes well with all vegetables, being also an undemanding plant. It is only suggested not to make it happen other crucifers. It is said that the association with lettuce improves the taste of the radish making it less spicy.

What are the enemies and diseases of this vegetable

The radish suffers the attacks of the same parasites that affect the vegetables of its family, the insects to be careful of are therefore the same ones that affect the cabbage, these are Grillot mole, noctuids, and aphids.

Particularly annoying to radishes are the anchovies, or ground fleas that pierce the leaves and compromise the harvest. While the larvae of the anchovies erode the underground part, the adult beetles eat the aerial part. At the first signs, it is necessary to kill the anchovies with pyrethrum.

Given the short crop cycle, fungal diseases such as downy mildew or fusarium generally fail to do great damage to radishes.

Properties of radishes

Radishes are vegetables rich in nutrients: they contain vitamins B and C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. It is said that they have a tranquilizing effect by promoting sleep and that they are good for asthma, they are also attributed to digestive, purifying, and diuretic properties.

Varieties of radish

  • Saxa: round-shaped root and red rind, early radish variety.
  • Ice candle: white pulp and rind, elongated shape, medium late, crop cycle of about 20-30 days.
  • Giant butter radish: crunchy pulp, a medium-late cycle of 30 days, round red root.
  • Giant Sicilian: red radish, variety suitable for hot climates, for summer cultivation.
  • Flamboyant: large red radish.

Goal long nails: tricks and secrets

Having long and flawless nails gives us elegant and well-groomed hands even without nail polish. Unfortunately, however, our nails are not always in splendid shape; they break, flake, are weak, or are framed by cuticles, all things that instead give a messy look.

Let’s see what are the tricks and secrets for having long and tidy nails

What you need to realize first is that to show off perfect nails, you need to take care of them on a daily basis. It takes perseverance and patience, getting used to good habits even in terms of food. But let’s go in order.

Many people suffer from this problem, which leads to nail-biting due to stress until this bad habit turns into a real nervous tic. Stopping nail-biting will help you avoid nasty infections and give your nails a healthy, not squat or deformed appearance. There are many products on the market that help discourage this behavior. The same goes for the cuticles around the nails: it is absolutely forbidden to tear them with your teeth!

Do not use your nails as work tools

Often working around the house, to make haste, we use the nails as real tools. We scrape dry residues from surfaces, lift labels, use our nails to pry the rings of the keyrings, and open them. These behaviors can damage our nails, so it is preferable to use real tools, even at the cost of losing a few more minutes.

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what nails you have

Folic acid supports nail growth. Eat foods that contain it such as vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, fruits (especially citrus fruits), legumes, and eggs. Vitamin A also supports the good health of our nails and helps them grow stronger: potatoes, squash, carrots, tomatoes are rich in them.

File does not cut nails

The length and shape of the nails must be maintained using the file, while the cuticles must be cut with scissors.

Treat your cuticles

The cuticles must be pushed with an orangewood stick, never cut. They should also be moisturized with specific cuticle oils, at least once a week.

Password hydrate

Moisturize your hands and nails daily, even several times a day, especially in winter and after washing your hands.

Use rubber gloves

To wash the dishes, protect your nails and the skin of your hands with rubber gloves. Dish detergents, in fact, are very aggressive and in the long run, weaken both the epidermis and the nails themselves.

With these few simple steps, your nails will look healthier and grow longer and stronger.

How to clean a velvet sofa

A step-by-step guide to cleaning a velvet sofa with the best homemade tricks. Eliminate the toughest stains and return your sofa to the look of the first day.

The sofas velvet burst into decorating trends thanks to the influence of vintage style. But the truth is that velvet is a delicate fabric that requires certain care to keep it stain-free. Eliminating stains or scratches caused by use requires a non-aggressive cleaning protocol.

Pleated skirt? Yes, but super cool

The pleated skirt is a symbol of style and elegance, but this garment is not just a simple trend

In fact, the invention of pleating has left a profound mark, influencing numerous generations of women for over a century.

Tips for giving relaxing massages

Relaxing massages are that “pampering” or “gift” that we do to ourselves from time to time, when we feel tired, sore, tense, with various discomforts … Or simply overwhelmed and with a feeling of heaviness that does not go away even after taking an end week to relax.

However, we shouldn’t wait to feel overwhelmed to enjoy them. In fact, doing it more often could even bring us several health benefits, in addition to that pleasant relief that we initially longed for. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

In general, they are usually recommended to athletes, because they are the ones who could accumulate the most tension after each session. However, anyone can enjoy the benefits of relaxing massages whenever they want. This means that the massages can be adjusted to the person, depending on their needs and conditions.

Are you interested in knowing what are the best tips for giving relaxing massages? In that case, do not stop reading everything that we are going to tell you about in this regard.

What is a relaxing massage?

In general terms, we can say that giving relaxing massages consists of caressing the skin and exerting some pressure on some points of the body to relieve accumulated tension.

As an investigation developed in 2021 explains, through the sense of touch it is sought to provide pleasant sensations to those who receive the message. There are various techniques for this. However, the most popular continues to be “Swedish massage”, which involves the exclusive use of the hands. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

By touching the skin in the right way, deeper areas of the body can be stimulated. So relaxing massages are an excellent option to combat various physical and even psychosomatic discomforts (what we call “emotional tension” or “accumulated stress”).

Relaxing massages provide relief (physical and psychological), maximize the feeling of well-being. They are said to generally help improve blood circulation and skin health. As well as combat fluid retention and mild inflammation.

Beyond this, giving a relaxing massage consists of performing a whole ritual to provide relief and well-being to another person in an integral way. In this sense, every detail adds up. From the room, the type of essential oil that you are going to use to apply on the skin, the way you manipulate the skin. The tone of voice with which you attend to the person, to the way you listen to them.

What must be taken into account before starting the massage?

Talking with the person beforehand will help to generate an atmosphere of calm and trust that, little by little, will help to disconnect, and give in to the relaxation offered by touch in that specific moment and space.

Ask the person how they feel and how they would like to feel later, where they feel more or less discomfort, where they would like to receive more attention (either because they want to relieve the tension accumulated there or because that point helps them relax and feel better). Between other details, is part of a good ritual to give relaxing massages.

It is important that during the conversation the person expresses if he suffers from a problem in any part of the body, such as an injury. This will help prevent the area from being handled incorrectly and exacerbating your discomfort. In addition, to do this, it is convenient to encourage the person to go to a specialist to alleviate that problem or discomfort.

The technique provides muscle relaxation and reduces stress, as well as improving blood circulation.

The lighting of the space where the massage will be performed is essential to generate a pleasant atmosphere. A soft light (not quite dim) will be the most indicated. It will invite relaxation, calm, and stillness that the person so badly needs.

Of course, the room should not only have soft lighting, but it should be comfortable, with the right temperature. Never too hot or too cold and preferably well ventilated so that the person does not feel a “stuffy environment”.

Likewise, the acoustics of the space will be key. It should be a place where external sounds do not penetrate easily or forcefully. In this line, you can choose instrumental music and put it at a low volume (like white or pink noise).

You can also lightly scent the space with a mild fragrance. For this, do not hesitate to resort to essential oils or baby colognes. Of course, personal perfumes or others of those already mentioned in large quantities are not recommended; since they overload the environment.

Essential oils and ointments

Moisturizing milk and light lotions are ideal for relaxing massages because they soften the friction with the skin. As for essential oils, according to a study carried out by several researchers in the United States. They have several advantages: they are absorbed little by little, reduce inflammation, and reactivate circulation.

It is advisable to take a few drops of the product and distribute them on the palms of the hands before starting to distribute it over the area where you will work. The best ones for this process are considered to be chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, orchids, sandalwood, mint, lemon, rose, lavender, and bergamot. All of them have very pleasant aromas.

Tips for giving relaxing massages

Keep in mind that if pain occurs during the massage, something is wrong. It will cause tension in the person and the relaxing effect will be lost. To avoid this situation, it is best that you take into account the following aspects:

When it comes to a relaxing massage, the pressure and movements should not be too intense. They must always be soft and exerting controlled pressure on specific points.

Slow, steady movements are the key. On the contrary, a drastic change in rhythm creates a “surprise” effect that causes tension in the muscles and interrupts relaxation.

Hands should not be separated from the person’s body during massage for long periods of time, as continuity of touch is part of what promotes relief.

The person who gives the massage should also be relaxed, with a good disposition, in a calm state, and without negative thoughts.


Generally, the relaxing massage par excellence uses 4-5 types of body manipulation (which can be called both techniques and movements or maneuvers). Write down what each of them consists of and how they are done:

  • The emptying: consists of a series of movements from the center to the ends, from the bottom up. They are repeated for three minutes on the back.
  • Oscillations: these are movements from the center outwards. And have a relaxing effect. They should be repeated between two and three minutes on the back.
  • The glides: also go from the center outwards, but they carry more pressure and are synchronized with the breath.
  • The thumbs: they are also decisive in a relaxing massage. The first thing is to press them through the center of the spine. Afterward, it decreases as the massage ends. And they should not exceed three minutes either.

Learn step by step the process to give relaxing massages

The massage is given with the whole hand to avoid fatigue. And, without using just your fingers, place the oil between your hands, rub them in and apply it to the skin.

  • The thumb and palm advance in the area to be worked. You should not do almost pressure, just drag your hand. Also, and the process starts in the lower back and then rose slowly.
  • On the other hand, circular massages on the scalp give an immediate relaxing sensation. Moving them from the nape to the forehead and returning to the sides is ideal.
  • Make circular movements on the palm, or take the foot firmly; placing the thumb on the plant. If you want, you can extend this process up to five minutes; maintaining the sequence and the initial rhythm.

Finally, keep in mind that to give relaxing massages you have to take care of both your own posture and that of the person who receives them. It is not necessary that she is always lying down, but if she is, she must be on a piece of furniture at a suitable height for both her and the person performing the massage.

The Spanish Association of Physiotherapists points out that there are those who believe that the best position for the person receiving the massage is to be seated. Because it facilitates the maneuver of the person who executes the process. In that case, it is important to choose a good chair, without aback.

Keep in mind that the massage should end gradually, with slightly faster and more shallow movements around each area.

Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.

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