4 Modern Tech Solutions to Age Old Problems

The world around you is starting to look and feel like “the future.” Technology has become more advanced in some ways than you probably expected to see in your lifetime. However, the rapid advancement of technology can leave a person reeling, and it can be difficult to map all of the practical applications of emerging technology. Here’s what you need to know in order to help technology help you.


Recent advancements in IoT have already improved home and business security, and more improvements are just around the corner. Among the most prominent styles of IoT enriched security is that of cameras. IoT cameras can be connected to via smartphones in order to monitor the live feed and review footage remotely, and IoT cameras automatically store footage in the cloud for added security. IoT doorbells are becoming a popular deterrent for would be robbers by offering an IoT camera/doorbell hybrid that also includes an intercom system. This is potentially just the beginning, as the concept of identifying people on the fly in order to prevent or punish theft more quickly and more accurately is currently in development. Likewise, an upcoming incident reporting app will allow for much more quick and informative reporting of incidents to medical professionals and law enforcement.


Industrial machinery has also benefited from the connectivity of IoT technology. For example, smart factories provide greater flexibility by offering businesses to issue commands to machines quickly and remotely. Those same machines can also self diagnose in order to predict mechanical failures before they happen and/or pinpoint malfunctions in order to make repairs easier and more efficient. All of these advantages translate to increased production, as diagnostics typically account for a portion of repair costs, and repairing devices early reduces the costs even further. Likewise, enhanced flexibility creates more production options without sacrificing in other areas.


Shipping has already seen much in the way of automation, as ordering products online requires almost no human interaction. However, the shipping process still requires a lot of hard work by human hands. That being said, experiments have been conducted in order to test the viability of shipping drones and other hands free shipping methods that can revolutionize shipping by reducing human contact, which is especially pertinent these days, and reducing costs in the process. Keep reading sites like omegle.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is a fairly broad category with a wide range of benefits to offer. However, the two most prominent examples of wearable tech are smartwatches and fitness trackers, and the former often encompasses the latter. Fitness trackers are specialty watches that not only tell you the time but also report on your heart rate, number of steps per day, calories burned, etc. These devices allow the counterintuitive process of improving one’s fitness to be simplified by a feed of pertinent statistics. Smartwatches often offer fitness tracking as an additional service, but they also have many more benefits. Smartwatches have many of the same functions as a cell phone, including the ability to make phone calls, in some cases. Smartwatches are more often paired with a smartphone, however, but this still has benefits of its own. Smartwatches will report on notifications that are being sent to your phone, for example, meaning that checking important notifications can be simplified to checking your watch then it vibrates. Likewise, one can set an alarm on one’s smartwatch, which has the advantage of staying in physical contact with your body while you sleep, making alarms more effective.

Technology has long aided society in myriad ways, and that hasn’t changed. In fact, as technology provides solutions to even more of life’s problems, the bond between people and tech becomes even stronger. While one may feel inundated with tech options in the modern era, separating the wheat from the chaff will reveal a wide variety of life altering innovations. With these examples in mind, you’re already well on your way toward improving your life with tech solutions.

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