What the colours we choose really say about us

As you children we soon start to have preferences in the colours we like and those we perhaps dislike or are indifferent to. Some say that our colour choices can depend on what selection we are exposed to as a child. Whether our parents subscribe to the old stereotype of “pink for a girl and blue for a boy”. But what if there is more to it than that? What if you could define you personality and find a deeper meaning to you r life and it’s path by the colour that your prefer and that you are drawn to.

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Well, there is. Psychology of colour has been long established and the colours we chose can help determine parts of our personality and when creating pieces of art work or selecting colours for a business brand or website understand what colours subconsciously mean can help you in establishing the vision you want. When looking at website web designers in Reading such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ can help you select exactly the right colours to help represent your business.

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Some people reach a phase in there lives where they will only ever wear black. This usually happens in the teenage years and some grow out of it and others become Goths or in modern terms Emo’s. What Colour says what about you.

  • If you like Red – This is a vibrant colour and you are more likely to be an outgoing individual. It helps to portray strength and courage. It is a very noticeable colour and plays upon our fight or flight instinct. Hence the saying, “to see red”.
  • If you like Blue – This is the colour of intellect. It is a good idea to where this to an exam. It is said to have a mentally calming influence promoting serenity and peace in one’s self.
  • If you like Green – The colour of the environment and the world around us. Wear this is of you are seeking balance and harmony. A good Feng Shu colour.
  • If you like Yellow – This is the colour of emotional strength and optimism and confidence. It echoes the od saying of a having a sunny disposition
  • If you like Purple – Then this is the colour of spirituality and awareness. It is also the colour of luxury that harks back to Roman times as this was the preferred outfit colour for the Senators togas.

This is but a hint of what is out there, we didn’t even look at Orange and Pink for example. When you consider the colours of the spectrum there are plenty of options for you to find your cache of colour and work your wardrobe around it.

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