Content Marketing: What is C Generation? Do you have them in mind?

If we go back a few years back we find the great reign of television marking its own schedules without taking into account the preferences of the spectators themselves. And a few years back, we had a single channel and if you did not like what they broadcast because you had no choice. Then there is internet, digital TV platforms, youtube, smartphones with photo camera and video. It is obvious how we move very fast towards:

The customization of contents adapted to the needs of each user

The user’s choice of the “how” (device), “here” (site) and “now” (moment) of the selected content

In this evolution we find the birth of Generation C.


Content Marketing: What is C Generation? Do you have them in mind?WHAT IS C GENERATION?

This is a new generation that has a different relationship with content. The main characteristics of this generation are the following:

Users very interested in the creation, protection, connection and community around some contents

Generation C is a state of mind and those who conform it need to express themselves (67% upload photos to social networks)

Youtube is the entertainment environment where they publish and consume video content

These users are always connected and they value relevance and originality

Consume content from any device and when you need it and not when you program

These users are the trendsetters with their interactions in social networks

Content Marketing: What is C Generation? Do you have them in mind?KEYS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT TO CONNECT WITH GENERATION C

Set a content strategy for Youtube: According to a study published recently, in 2017, 69% of traffic will be on youtube. Therefore, it is time to incorporate this channel as one of the usual, such as Facebook or Twitter these days.

Pay attention to SEO for videos: in the coming years indexing videos will improve a lot and that will mean that SEO for videos is going to be just as important as in Google searches. Therefore, keywords, titles and tags are going to be important in the near future.

Content Marketing: What is C Generation? Do you have them in mind?Connectivity between devices: users want to start content on the TV, continue it on the tablet and finish it on the mobile for example. Therefore, the contents must be adapted to make this a reality.

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Youtube vs Television: what we will see, and not within a lot, is how youtube will advance in audience to the main television channels. Here it will be when brands change the chip and turn to give all the attention and resources to this social network.

Content Marketing: What is C Generation? Do you have them in mind?Youtube more social: little by little you will leave the feeling that youtube is simply a place where to hang the videos. Youtube is a social network to watch as you look. It has its communities, channels, comments on the videos, likes; dislikes … Also brands should empower this part to create more engagement with users.

This new generation C leaves us a new reality with more micro videos, more engagement in Youtube and some users who consume the content where, when and how they want it.

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