Mercedes Class M Limited Edition

The German brand has always opted for the limited editions, has liked to give a unique touch to the already if exclusive models as part of its extensive range of vehicles. Today in our blog dedicated to the luxury we present the edition released on one of its most elegant and luxurious SUV models the class M.

Mercedes Class M Limited EditionIts external design has varied, incorporating details that increase its distinction and give it a more sporty touch without losing the elegance of one of the most beautiful luxuries SUV on the market. Alloy wheels have grown to 19 inches, are chrome and blend seamlessly with the rest of details of their body. A silver luster has been applied to different elements such as; The exhaust outlets, the calendar, the door handles and the side trim. Its crystals are tinted in a bluish hue and the rear lights have been blackened. The set of details presents a more aggressive but without the strident car.Mercedes Class M Limited Edition

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In addition to these aesthetic changes, the Mercedes Class M limited edition, highlighted by the inclusion of security system of last generation pre-safe, which anticipates a risk or accident and is responsible for preparing vehicle occupants to withstand The incident better. Its fundamental tasks are to prestress seat belts, to automatically close windows and electric roof in anticipation of a possible overturning of the vehicle. It also has numerous airbags and stability control that make it one of the safest in its segment. The greatest virtue of this Mercedes is undoubtedly its versatility, going well either way and thanks to excellent design their road performance are exceptional, as it says the advertising of the German home without routine series.Mercedes Class M Limited Edition

The most basic model of this special edition is called riding a 280 CDI diesel engine 190 hp associated with a comprehensive traction 4Matic type. It’s price 49,990 Euros.

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