Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

A visit to the pool is an extremely pleasant and useful form of physical activity, as well as relaxation. Swimming differs from a number of other sports activities by a much smaller number of contraindications, as well as many useful effects. And to miss it during menstruation, that is, on average, at least one or two times a month, no one wants. In this article, we will talk about whether to go to the pool during menstruation and if you still decide to do it – what rules should be followed.

Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

The main aspects of visiting the pool during menstruation

The unequivocal answer to the question of whether to swim in “these” days, no. In principle, the majority of doctors, if asked directly whether they can do this, would prefer not to make recommendations on this matter. Reasons – in a few “cons” visiting the pool during menstruation:


  • Increased risk of infection. During menstruation, the cervix of the uterus is slightly opened, so all viruses and bacteria have a greater chance of getting inside the female reproductive system (using vaginal tampons does NOT negate this risk).
  • The probability of increasing the intensity of critical days. A visit to the pool is always being under the influence of changing temperatures. You feel warm in the shower, it is cold outside of it, warm in the water again, even hot when you dry the hair, and so on. Such rather sharp fluctuations in temperature cause the expansion of blood vessels, and this, in turn, can lead to increased menstruation.

Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

  • Increased likelihood of developing diseases. The danger for women’s health on such days is not only that the cervix slightly opens. In addition, the immunity and the organism as a whole are weakened during this period, and therefore any disease in the embryonic stage develops much faster and more successfully than on other days.
  • The possibility of irritation. The water that fills the pools contains a lot of chlorine. Even if you do not go swimming during menstruation, there is a chance that the mucous membranes of your genitals will react to such water by the appearance of irritation. And on critical days, when they become more sensitive, this probability increases.

Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

All these nuances you just need to know and understand. If you follow all the rules, which we will discuss below, if on the day of your intended swimming in the pool you will generally feel good, and if you don’t plan to set world swimming records, you will simply enjoy slow movements on the surface of the water – it is possible to visit the pool Moreover, a soft, neat load of such a plan can even reduce the pain from menstruation and calm the nervous system.

However, it is important to remember that if you have any urinogenital diseases, infectious, inflammatory processes, then you can go to the pool only with the permission of your doctor.

What to do, visiting the pool on these days?

So, if you do not have serious contraindications to visiting the pool during your period, swim for health, but follow the following rules:


  • Be sure to use a tampon. And before you go swimming, change the previous tampon to a new one. And do the same after you come out of the water. If you have never used such a means of feminine hygiene, it is better to try to do it at home, in advance, to avoid incidents and discomfort. Naturally, the use of gaskets while swimming is not worth it.
  • Limit physical activity. An hour is a maximum time you can spend in the pool, although according to the rules it would be better to limit yourself to about 40 minutes. And, as already noted, to overload yourself during these 40-60 minutes is not worth it.

Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables, drink vitamins if necessary. This is necessary to strengthen the immune system so that he can cope with minor infections, and not give up to them because of his weakened state.
  • Go to the pool only on those days when the discharge is not too plentiful. This is a very important rule: you yourself know which days you have been accompanied by the greatest bleeding, weakness, and painful sensations. Someone is the second or third, someone third or fourth, someone has the last days of menstruation. In any case, on such days, it is still worth refraining from visiting the pool, having transferred classes to a slightly less problematic time.
  • Refrain from visiting the sauna and bath. Quite often, something in this spirit is combined with the pool, but the general rules of conduct during menstruation prohibit spending time in the steam rooms. It not only leads to dehydration, which on “these” days becomes a great stress for the body but also can cause severe bleeding (up to the one in which a woman needs to call an ambulance).
  • Do not joke with hormonal drugs. Some women, seeing that menstruating day can prevent them from going to the pool and sauna when they were scheduled, take an increased dose of hormonal contraceptives (to delay the onset of menstruation for several days). However, you should not do this in any way: even contraceptives themselves, taken strictly according to the rules prescribed by the doctor, have a rather strong effect on the female body. If they are used uncontrollably, it can provoke many health problems.

Is It Possible To Pool During Menstruation And How To Swim During This Period?

And, perhaps the most important rule: listen to your feelings. If you feel that abandoning the pool will cause you stress and, consequently, more severe pain and bleeding – why not allow yourself to swim, but with all the rules. Or if you basically tolerate critical days, or feel light on a particular day. But if you feel bad, uncomfortable, hard – it is better to move to a minimum and, if possible, to comply with bed rest, rather than swim in the pool.

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