Powerful BMW M5 In History

Although the first spy images of the new BMW M5 begin to plague the network, aftermarket specialists continue to work hard on the basis of the current generation to make this saloon one of the most outstanding and extraordinary on the market. The last to undergo the “operating room” to the BMW M5 has been none other than Carbonfiber Dynamics, who claims to have created one of the most powerful M5 on the planet.

Like all good preparation, this extra dose of adrenaline in each acceleration has to be accompanied by a good façade, for which a few aesthetic touches have been added to the exterior by the Japanese 3DDesign specialist who, although subtle, enhance their appearance.

Powerful BMW M5 In HistoryBMW M5 by Carbonfiber Dynamics

The most striking aspect of its aesthetics is its orange color, which inevitably brings to mind the BMW M3 GTS of the E92 generation, accompanied by a Vossen 21-inch wheels and design of ten carbon spokes after the hide striking brake calipers in blue. Along with these components are added some aerodynamic appendages such as a new front bumper, new batch side skirts, a more prominent rear diffuser and a discreet aileron on the rear, all made of carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the set.

Powerful BMW M5 In HistoryMoreover, thanks to the current design of the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engines that the current BMW M5 mounts, increasing power is not as complicated as before, making the aim of Carbonfiber Dynamics to improve the 560 horsepower and the 680 Nm of torque given by the series model is more than possible.

Powerful BMW M5 In HistoryBMW M5 by Carbonfiber Dynamics

After several optimizations in the control unit or the double turbo and the introduction of a new racing exhaust system, this sport sedan is now able to reach the chilling power figure of 818 hp (610 kW) , reaching 200 km per hour in just 10 seconds – of which 6.6 seconds are to go from 100 to 200 km / h. Unfortunately, we do not know the torque and maximum speed figures.

However, bearing in mind that the recent BMW M5 Competition Edition is among the most powerful cars in the history of the model and “only” has 441 kW / 600 hp and a maximum torque of 700 Nm under the hood, already you can have an idea of ​​which is the strong bet of the preparer. In any case, if the BMW M5 does not convince you, aesthetic improvements are also available for the BMW M4 and M6. Of course, in their bowels will have to settle for something less power.

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