How to Prepare for an Interview with a Psychologist

  • Why does the employer offer job seekers an interview with a psychologist?
  • How to behave in such an interview?
  • What types of testing are used in the selection of specialists?

Interview with a psychologist is now conducted everywhere. And increasingly, this selection method is used when applying for a job. Large companies prefer multi-stage interviews, in which applicants have to communicate with several HR-specialists, managers, psychologists.How to Prepare for an Interview with a Psychologist

Why is this necessary for an Interview with a Psychologist

This question immediately comes to mind when you are warned about the interview with a psychologist. We must understand that this is not just a whim of leadership. Thus, managers are trying to find out whether an employee can join a new team, what personal qualities he has. After all, often the character traits required for one area of activity are completely discouraged in the other. For example, being calm and focused for an accountant is good. But when the introvert is a sales manager, his professional qualities are questioned.

Types of testing

At the interview, psychologists usually use the usual oral conversation and testing. Every psychologist has his own set of tests. For each applicant, a set of tests is selected individually. Tests are – Personal. They define a set of qualities and traits of character: stress-resistance, sociability, leadership ability, and others; – Professional. These tests are designed to determine the suitability of the candidate for the position he is applying for. The theoretical basis and practical skills are taken into account; – Intelligent. These tests usually measure the IQ level.

How to Prepare for an Interview with a Psychologist

Do not give in to provocation

AAn affectionate sincere and attentive psychologist is something from the realm of fantasy. Be prepared for entanglement and even aggression. Often, to check the employee’s deceit, psychologists ask the same question in different variations. Sometimes you can hear a remark on the verge of rudeness. This is not due to personal dislike. Thus, the psychologist checks the competitiveness and restraint of the applicant. So do not be nervous, raise your voice or get lost. Calmly react to the comments. Show that you are able to withstand stressful situations.

Refrain from excessive candor

Do not be frank and open all sides of your personality, even if you get a “good uncle.” A psychologist is not a priest, and an interview is not a confession. It is sufficient to answer questions informatively without falling into the details. In an interview with a psychologist, there is one big advantage. Sometimes it helps to understand what kind of company you have chosen and decide if you want to work here.

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